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These past 2 weeks I played 240 hours of Oxygen Not Included. That’s 16 hours per day.

So let me tell you about this game. I loved rimworld and this is not far from it. It looks to be a cuter more cartoony version of it the first time you start playing. It probably seems easier than rimworld since there is no "time-limit", no rushes and no AI working against you.


This game is some kind of chemistry, physics and programming simulator. I understand that the simulation is not even close to real life but I want to believe they got most of the "logic" of it captured within this game.

I'm a software developer and I can say that they nailed it on the programming part. You get sensors, gates, inputs, outputs, if-then-else, recursion, infinite loops and you really need to use those in order to succeed since when things go bad you won't have time to manually fix everything. They even have a "debouncer" module!

As an example: You're looking at your rocket in space and try to prevent the 500 degrees steam released from the engine to stop melting your solar panels while 400 meters below earth your "sims" pee in your water supply and everything starts disintegrating into dust. If you don't have your base fully automated I can't see how you can manage to "finish the game" – leave the planet. So in my opinion they should recommend this game to all software developer wannabes.

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For the chemistry and physics simulation I don't really have an educated opinion but I think I gained a lot of knowledge about how stuff work in real life like the weight of elements such as CO2 and O2, temperatures needed to create glass, heat just doesn't go away but gets transferred from one place to another, how the oil-petroleum stuff work, how you can take advantage of all the above to create energy and that recycling everything is really important!

Ok these are the good parts. The only things that bothers me about this game is that the end-game needs some advanced stuff (liquid oxygen and liquid hydrogen) that you most likely have to watch youtube videos to solve and that the "coding" in it feels a lot like doing coding for my job 😛

So go ahead and give this a try. A new DLC is in early access which I bought and haven't even touched yet since there are so much stuff to do in it.


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