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Hello people of r/MMORPG! I've been in the small community for this game since I discovered it this April, and I've grown to love this game and really think it deserves more players (17 online as I write).

So, what is the, and why should you play it?

The Story

The setting is a sort of obscure post-apocalyptic world that you find out more about as you explore. The community has unraveled a lot of aspects of the lore, however a lot of what we've unraveled has just brought up more questions. I'm not going to spoil what we've found here in case you'd like to experience it for yourself. The game's about page can probably explain the general premise better than I can.

You wake up in the dust and ash with no memory, endless black clouds overhead smothering the world like a blanket. You have only a backpack and a device displaying a coordinate system. You feel an urge to find the center of the world, not far from where you woke.

I've started a community wiki where a lot of the found lore has been documented, but I'm not even going to link that here because of how good the experience of exploring and theorizing for yourself is.

The Puzzle

"The Puzzle" is sort of the main goal of the travelers, though you have the option of completely ignoring it if you so choose. It's composed of what we call "clues", which are mathematical alien drawings found around the map, that when figured out will lead to the next "clue". We believe the puzzle will grant us a better understanding of the world once solved. Finding the center of the world will be your first step on the journey towards solving the puzzle. Whether you share your findings with the public or keep them to yourself is up to you, as so far no one has ever solved the puzzle. All publicly known information on the puzzle is also stored on the community wiki.

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The Gameplay

The gameplay of the travelers is quite unique. The world is massive, and by massive I mean it takes 14 real life days of active travel to cross from one side to the other. Traveling the world is a big part of the travelers, hence the name. The world is composed of 1,000,000 x 1,000,000 tiles. every tile represents 1 kilometer, and you can travel 1 tile every second. Though you can, you probably are not going to actively watch your character as it travels for 14 hours (though more power to you if you try). During the longer traveling segments, the game is meant to be open in another tab as you do other things. While you work, watch youtube, walk your dog, or even play another MMO, your traveler will march from horizon to horizon towards the next puzzle element or wherever you are going. You can set it to auto walk in a direction and do other things until you arrive.

But what about active play? Around the wasteland are various events you can enter where lore can be learned and loot can be found, so as you're gathering supplies you can learn more about the world you find yourself in. These supplies can also be used to craft more items, tools, weapons, or building materials. Exploring these events is my favorite part of the game, other than interacting with other players.

Meeting another player in the travelers is a very significant experience. The world is so big, and the player count is rather low (maybe you could help with that, eh?) so when you're far away from spawn and off axis, you're not going to encounter anyone very regularly. It gives the feeling of complete isolation when you might be days of travel from the nearest player, and the amount of atmosphere that has for a text game is remarkable. That being said, it makes actually encountering another player absolutely terrifying. This makes areas like spawn and puzzle elements a potentially dangerous place to visit or hang out, as there is no guarantee anyone you meet there will be friendly. It's not KOS, but you always have to watch your back around players you're unfamiliar with, especially if you met them unexpectedly. Though certain places are more dangerous than others, you never have guarenteed safety in the travelers. After all, someone could happen to come across your sleeping body while you're offline. Base building might be a worthy investment then, if you need to stash your account or other supplies somewhere, and keep any random player from stumbling across it and taking your stuff.

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There is also a leveling up system, where traveling, visiting events, solving parts of the puzzle or killing other players grants you XP. With enough XP you can level up and get 1 skill point to put into health, speed, damage, or carry.

The Community

My personal favorite aspect of the travelers is it's community. Though small, the players we have are active and amazing fun to talk to on the discord, and we've even created a decent pool of community content. Some highlights being the time in pre-release a few players trapped the developer, the time I challenged the developer to a PVP battle over lawn mowers, and the time a giant super structure was built around spawn to keep another player out (which has a few puzzle spoilers). We've also organized a community podcast on Bramblery's channel.


I hope you see my passion here and decide to join us on! It's a game I have a lot of love for and I hope you end up having it too.


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