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Thinking of getting into streaming. Budget somewhat tight, am I going overboard on my shopping list?

Hello. I watch a lot of Twitch, play a lot of games and pretty much live on my PC right now. Figured i might start streaming. Being an introvert and camera shy is what's held me off on doing this for a couple years now, but with a lot of free time lately, time to jump in and at least try.

I have a good PC. i7-6700K 4.00GHz, 16 GB ram, Nvidia 980 Ti 6GB, 42" 4K monitor.

I do have a PS4 Pro and a Switch, but have no urgency to stream content from those right away.

Besides streaming PC games i'd want to do amazon watch parties of films, and also stream my music production once in a while (electronic music & lo-fi/trap mostly). I'm really hyped to jump into GTA & RDR RP servers once i'm comfortable with streaming.

I'm looking at the following, but not sure what i REALLY need to start off just streaming pc games.

1) 2nd monitor for Streamlabs OBS content. Looking at a $110 HP 24" inch monitor that can rotate vertically and sit to the left of my large 4K monitor.

2) Logitech C922 Pro HD camera $99.

3) Blue Yeti Microphone. Either the $130 one for the desk, or the $199 bundle that comes with the arm mount.

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4) Stream Deck $150. this thing looks cool and seems like it would help out a lot when switching between screens and programs. Probably not too crucial at first since it's only hotkeys.

5) AVerMedia Live Gamer Portable Plus external game capture card $140. I know it's not crucial if i'm not streaming console games at first, but this one actually does 4K pass-through where i can play the games in 4K on pc (or ps4), but for viewers it would be viewed in 1080p. I love this, as i have been accustomed to playing in only 4K for 2 years now.

Sorry for the long post. I have stuff in shopping carts currently but am afraid to finalize. Thanks for any input. 🙂


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