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this new strategy rpg Fae Tactics is incredible.

Content of the article: "this new strategy rpg Fae Tactics is incredible."

just came out a couple days ago. I am extremely impressed. it's a grid based strategy rpg with pokemon elements and modern final fantasy tactics vibes. it's menu-less combat system cleans up where the the original tactics games get messy and allows for very smooth gameplay. I hope that by posting this here the game might receive the attention it deserves.

I really recommend you play it for yourself. it's only 20 bucks on steam and it's the best 20 dollars you'll ever spend.

here is my review of the game –

this game is criminally underrated. anyone who has anything negative at all to say about this game is delusional. this is possibly the best strategy rpg ever created, and I don't say that lightly. after playing divinity original sin 2, the apex of modern-day strategy games, I would say this is either better than or equal to it.

some of these reviews seem to have a gripe with it's lack of customization. people don't realize that heavily customizable strategy games like xcom come at the cost of balance. every single encounter in this game was masterfully crafted to suit it's generously large cast of characters, items, and abilities so that it challenges the player properly, and it really does. every scenario tests the limits of your ability. if this game was heavily customizable to the point of other strategy rpgs like divinity you'd end up with game breaking builds and OP combos. this game doesn't have OP characters or playstyles and that is all thanks to it's somewhat restrictive nature, allowing for the developers to go all out in creating innovating and challenging scenarios that you can overcome using a large variety of strategies while still being inherently difficult. and it's not like this game has NO customization options. the 3 different stats all do different things depending on the character, and there are more than just the 3 leaders that you see initially so don't think you're stuck with those 3 the whole game. you also get an equipment slot and later a weapon slot, pokemon, and spells for even more customization. you are insane if you think there is no customization. there's plenty. you get to play the game your way and build your own unique team, and if you open your mind to the possibilities, you'll see that this game actually has an abundance of ways to allow you to express yourself in the way that a true rpg should.

this game's balance design is thorough and deliberate. the devs know what they are doing. I can only imagine that they must have playtested every possible scenario to ensure that the player felt in full control while still feeling properly challenged. it honestly amazes me how this game even exists. you can really tell how much love and care went into each and every single encounter to ensure the player has an exceptional experience playing this game. and again I want to praise the difficulty of this game – do yourself a favor and play on hard mode. you rarely see a game designed to this level of expertise. it starts off in subtle manner, teaching the player some basic strategies that some tactics players might already be familiar with, then transitions into this everchanging ramp in depth and difficulty throughout the entirety of the game, never failing to surprise you in new and interesting ways. the sheer difficulty allows you to go all out in your approach. it holds nothing back and rewards methodical players.

the story of this game is reminiscent of traditional jrpgs in the best possible way. it's not in your face, doesn't ever get in the way of the main aspect of the game which is the combat, but it still manages to be enjoyable, quirky, and fun.

this game captures the essence of what strategy rpgs are all about. it hits all the right notes. it seemlessly blends oldschool pokemon with modern grid-based strategic combat in a perfect RPG format. fae tactics should be widely considered the king of the tactics genre. 10/10.


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