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Thoughts on the Tomb Raider series?

Content of the article: "Thoughts on the Tomb Raider series?"

This is just my opinion.

In rise of the tomb raider you (Lara) have to stop an evil organization (trinity) before they take an ancient relic (the divine source), which is said to give people everlasting life, and use it to make an army of unstoppable super soldiers. This relic has been sought ot by your father, who failed and tarnished his name, eventually leading to suicide.

I just completed Rise of the tomb raider and played shadow of the tomb raider (demo).

My problems with this game is that it paints itself as a story driven game, when the story is shallow and pretty boring tbh. Basically your typical protagonist vs evil organization type. Nothing special. And, this might just be because I didn't misunderstood it but, there are quite a few dumb things about the story. To the point that I was sure that I was missing something (and maybe I am).

Like there were these people who guarded the divine source. Can't remember what they're called. At some point, you actually have to fight them, because they guard the relic. The thing is they also protected it from the evil organization, and they succeeded. So why would you still try to steal the relic? You think you, a single person, could guard that thing from a paramilitary organization by yourself? I would understand if she wanted praise, or to clean her fathers name, but through out the story, it's painted as she's trying to stop this evil organization. Might be something small, but it just bothers me.

The game play is too easy. You can just keep on healing. No limit, nothing. The controls are clunky. Maybe cause it's a port. Another thing that drove me crazy was those things that looked like they could be grabbed, but couldn't. So you can really only approach each route one way, even when it's not obvious. This might not be for the game though, cause I'm pretty new to gaming and so it might've not been obvious for me.

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The only things I sort of enjoyed were the graphics and the challenge tombs (puzzles). The relics and documents felt like a chore. There are hundreds, and I mean hundreds of these things scattered across the map.

Can see the appeal to some people. Linear and simple story that you shouldn't think too much about, great graphics and simple (not necessarily easy) puzzles, and that sense of exploration, although limited, is still there. Overall, I'd say that this game would be good for people who want a casual experience. Something mindless after a hard day at school or work, or maybe while talking to a friend. But it wouldn't be for someone who wants a fleshed out story, a good combat system, and something with more difficulty than pressing forward. I'd rate it a 6.5/10

Anyway what do you think? Do you agree or disagree?


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