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I played FFXIV for 5+ years. Loved every second I ever dumped into that game. I wanted to take a break from it for a bit, and some irl friends convinced me to play WoW. So I dropped $90 on BFA and pre-order SL. Took me 4 days to hit cap on my character and now I'm bored out of my mind. WoW is childishly easy. Dungeons have no mechanics or mechanics so insignificant you can ignore them completely. WoW does a horrendous job of explaining any aspect of the game. Simply put, I think WoW sucks especially coming from a game like FFXIV. For me, WoW is not engaging at all. When I was grinding dungeons, I literally watched Netflix the whole time because it was so easy. The professions system sucks. It's boring as hell and utterly useless as there's no reason to hoard gold. There's hardly any character customization whatsoever and the transmogs look like complete dog shit. There are no interesting mounts or will be a boring ass chore to get. What the actual fuck is the appeal of WoW? Anyone who says WoW is better than FFXIV clearly has not played FFXIV. WoW graphics suck complete ass too.

To my understanding, WoW SL is copying many features from FFXIV like character customization and number squishing. I feel like I wasted my money on this game. The only good thing I can say about WoW is that the controls are more fluid. Other than that, it fails in every other aspect when compared to FFXIV.

Am I missing something about WoW? Is there something actually interesting to do? After my first day of playing, I was honestly over it. I just finished the grind to hit cap and that's it. How can a game like WoW be as old as it is and have absolutely no meaningful content whatsoever.

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Someone, please tell me I'm wrong and I'm missing something? Otherwise, I wasted my money and am going back to FFXIV.

And if your a WoW fanboy ready to talk mad shit and not kindly discuss some important things I might be missing about the game, just don't. I'm just going to laugh at you. I gave this game a good honest try and it fails miserably in every aspect compared to FFXIV.


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