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Thousands of Unjustified bans for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare players

This deserves more attention than its been getting. Thousands of players have been perma-banned without cause. Activision is stealing from all of these people.

Its happened to thousands of us since the last patch. Activision offers no explanation, or proof, or chance for a discussion, despite taking our money for the game.

They ban people at random to give the appearance of having an Anti-Cheat system. They have something like 30 million users, 70,000 bans is a drop in the bucket. They just keep all the money and don't bother communicating with their banned players at all.

Its a Win/Win for Activision. They get good press for being "tough on cheaters" and their community is happy to label you a cheater the second you mention you were banned if you go elsewhere looking for guidance. COD subs on Reddit are quick to delete these posts.

Live chat support is completely fake and never loads up. Day after day just sits there saying "Loading Agent Chat…" and thats if you can even get the chance to click on the link in the first place. Mostly it just says "All of our agents are busy assisting other customers". Activision's presence on Twitter and Facebook will straight up ignore those looking for help.

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To all of the banned players: Don't give them the opportunity to steal any more of your money, because they will. They don't care about us. At all.

Boycott Activision and Blizzard.


JoeOwnage67#1390034 look up my stats. If I'm a cheater I am an utter failure of a cheater. I've never even won a round of warzone. My KD is abysmal. I am an easy kill and I have no idea where I'm getting shot from most of the time. I'm a noob.

I bought this game primarily because it is cross platform and finally allowed me to hang out and game with my buddies because I've been stuck in my house since February like most of you.

I know COD:MW is full of cheaters and you guys want to take that anger out on someone, but I'm not the guy. I'm just someone like you who got ripped off by Activision.

To those asking for PROOF: it is literally impossible to prove something didn't happen. What are you looking for here? An alibi? The onus is on the accuser to provide proof. Not the accused. You might recognize this concept from "innocent until proven guilty".

Call me names, flame me, do whatever if that helps you. I'm not a cheater and I came here to look for help from my fellow PC gamers. You're all very quick to condemn. You are the angry mob that lynches someone who has been accused of a crime without any evidence. The accusation itself is proof enough for you and the judgment of the faceless corporation is unquestionably right and would never ever make a mistake.

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Try thinking for yourself and putting yourself in someone else's shoes. What would you do if it happened to you? How would you feel if you were the one banned for no good reason without any explanation of why? Think about it for one second before you condemn someone.


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