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Titanfall 2 aka I hate to admit it but the gamer bros were right on this one

Content of the article: "Titanfall 2 aka I hate to admit it but the gamer bros were right on this one"

This game, to put it mildly, fucks. I played a relatively healthy amount of Call of Duty as a kid (i.e. never owned it but played splitscreen with friends quite a bit), so I have fond memories of those games, primarily Modern Warfare 2 through Black Ops 3. Titanfall 2 is like if Call of Duty had good movement and was fun on your own.

I haven't even touched the multiplayer yet, which is apparently where this type of game shines, but I don't fuck with competitive games as a rule so I'll probably just stick with replaying the campaign. It's very short–I beat it on regular difficulty in about 0.4 Dishonoreds, or 4 hours–but I didn't want any part of it to be over. Usually FPS campaigns have sections that drag HARD (gondola missions, escorts, etc) but Titanfall 2 has NONE of that. Every mission has a different gimmick that could define a lesser FPS's entire playtime, but the developers, Respawn, decided that they were just gonna make 10-ish very short gimmicky FPS games based on the same core mechanics.

And you know what? It fuckin WORKS. My ADHD ass had no problem following the scatterbrained plot, though that could be a rough point for many people. The movement isn't crisp at all, but that's actually a good thing. It doesn't encourage mastery in its campaign missions; it wants you to experience the level design, not beat your head against it. Many movement games I've played (Mirror's Edge, Dying Light, Cloudbuilt, Dishonored, Just Cause, Assassin's Creed) have a focus on the movement and feel the need to make that the core source of challenge. Some of them are right, but Titanfall 2 recognizes that movement should be as easy as possible, which means it sheds the fear of killing all your momentum by bumping a small bolt on the wall in favor of letting you blast across uneven surfaces with abandon.

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I can't not mention the Effect and Cause level. I'm sure the concept has been done before (I've heard Ocarina of Time did it well but I'm not touching another Zelda game ever again), but snappy time travel is awesome. The fact that it's literally just two levels overlapping means it's super easy to follow, but the enemy afterglows when you switch timeframes make combat a super fun juggling game, deciding which fight you're better equipped for that second.

The rest of the levels all have lesser gimmicks that work out really well, but that one's obviously the most significant. All the bosses are super fun, though I wish some of them weren't just Titan battles.

I bought the game for $10 and honestly I feel like I ripped the devs off. This game gave me twice as much joy as something like Doom 2016, which I got for $30, in a quarter the time. I can't think of a better way to describe it than jam-packed. I genuinely don't even care that it took me less than 5 hours to beat, since those 5 hours were so well spent that they're still hitting me five days later. Besides, as someone who works all day, being able to experience the entirety of a game in a day is super nice.

I should also note that the characters of Cooper (you) and BT (your Titan) are just fun enough to keep you engaged. If you like the writing of Uncharted, you might notice that this game is basically a La Croix version of that. Little bit of sass and swashbuckling from the protagonists, but mostly just action. I don't want to spoil it because it had me on the floor, but there's a scene where BT is trying to figure out a body language cue that's incredibly well timed and animated.

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Anyway, highly recommend. $10 is probably fair for most singleplayer-only people given the sub 5 hour playtime, but if you play the multiplayer it's probably worth more.

I hate to say it, but the Gamers were right


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