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Titanfall 2 is…fine

Content of the article: "Titanfall 2 is…fine"

There were a lot of things I loved about this game. The movement, the action, the very fluid and creative settings, all were an absolute ton of fun and genuinely groundbreaking and worth of praise. But it a) suffered from some HUGE deficiencies and b) really what was ultimately not that unpredictable or cutting edge a ‘reveal’ got WAY overblown.

I’ll start With b. I won’t do any spoilers, but really was anyone that surprised that it ended the way it did? I steadfastly avoided spoilers but knew that “the ending will blow you away!” That was enough for me to know exactly what happened. Why? Because it’s not that crazy an ending, in fact it’s pretty much what you think it will be. It’s just not done in video games. So yeah, I guess if you’ve never read a book or watched a movie that didn’t star John Wayne, buckle up because this war drama has some unexpected turns.

I don’t mean to shit on it, it was fine and I appreciate video games being a bit less ridiculous in their story telling, but I think if you divorce yourself from the “big twist” and ask yourself about the story you’ll be sitting there like I was, in my forty-foot-tall mechanical giant mowing down dozens of fleeing 18-year-old “soldiers” with a gun the size of a city block wondering why I was the good guy. Maybe it was covered in the first one, but it wasn’t here. Likewise the bosses have scars. End of backstory.

Was the story good or cutting edge? No. Bioshock was cutting edge, mass effect was well written. This one is just “good for an FPS.”

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As far as the deficiencies. I’m sorry but if you complete your full available skill set within ten minutes of the ending the game is too short—even the ridiculously short Heavenly Sword let you play with your “very big gun” until it got boring. In fact the whole game is very much too short, and not in the whole “oh I could live in this world forever,” but in the “oh now I’m really getting a feel for the mechanics finished the game” type of way.

When it comes down to it, as cool as the levels were there’s only really a few of them and they don’t last long.

I really liked this game, but no it doesn’t deserve the hype. It’s not disappointing (except for the length), but honestly? COD blops iii single player was better, all of the bioshocks were better, FEAR 2 was better, the halos I played were better. Titanfall isn’t a great game it’s just… fine, which really is high praise for the single player campaign of an FPS I guess.


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