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Titanfall 2, short but sweet

Like everyone else I heard millions of people call it an underrated gem and such, while I wouldn't call it that at this time because it became very popular and launched one of the biggest battle royal games, I was still impressed.

Story is pretty good, serviceable military shooter with some good relationship between chacaters, (love yout BT) it wasn't the most thrilling part of the game as it was very cliche.

Tbe gameplay though, wow. Amazed, completed the game in around 7 hours and at least 2 of them were wasted on trying to get in the top 3 on that damn gauntlet, and I felt like a parkour masterby the time I got 32 seconds. And while the game would've been good just with this gameplay loop, what makes it amazing is all the twists in each level to make the game get more and more interesting and never boring. I finished it in one sitting and really want to play through it again to get all the collectibles.

The titan gameplay is fun, you feel like a tank again normal infantry, but battles with other titans feels epic as fuck. Boss fights were kinda hit and miss, they were talking a lot about how great they were, and when the time came I kinda killed them very quickly. The only one that gave me some problems was Viper and I was playing on hard. Also the ability to swap weapons in the middle of a fight and all of them being great for some sort of playstyle is awesome.

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Multiplayer I'm not a huge fan of because I feel like there's a huge skill gap and can barely get 3 kills in, really unmotivating to play. Haven't given the co-op gamemode a try yet.

Overall I really enjoyed the campaign and came to the conclusions that military fps's need short and sweet campaigns always, Spec Ops being another example. Would suggest it to anyone as it's a fairly easy game and makes you feel extremely badass. Would say it was an underrated gem with a cult following, but that's just not true anymore. Easily 9/10


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