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Titanreach development blog 17 – also 8 days left for certain founder rewards

Posting this as I haven't been more hyped for an MMO in a long time, and this game deserves more attention.

You can also join their Discord to read all the previous dev blogs as well.

Source: Here you can see all the pictures as well.

Hey everyone!Just a quick update to catch you up on what we've been working on in the build up to Early Access. We have just a couple of little announcements before we get into showing you our progress.

We’re sorry again about the delay to Early Access, however it was necessary in order to get the game into a state we were happy to release.

In order to give people a reasonable amount of time to try the game before the limited time items such as Lifetime subscription leave the site, these items will remain in the store for an extra week.

We know that a large number of people in the community are looking forward to streaming gameplay of Early Access. In order to better accommodate content creators, the content creator discord role is being made self assignable. We will use this role to get in contact, and organise events.

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Natalie has been hard at work creating new armour sets for the characters. Take a look at the iron and tier 1 leather armours.

Solar has also finished our iron tools, and moved on to the steel tools.

Talking about steel tools, we also have some new concepts from Ninja to show, for both steel tools, and some future cloth armour sets to go with sorcery.

NPC Creator

In order to fill our world with NPCs using our new character models Fish has built an NPC creator. It allows us to customise every aspect of a character model, including the colour of every item of clothing and armour.

Here’s an example of the NPC creator and the features it offers. (Ignore the issue with the character’s mouth)

We have given access to this NPC creator to the moderators and Titan Masters in order to quickly pump out some NPCs for Early Access. Here are a couple of creations that have been made.


Over the last week or so there has been a lot of work done to decorate the world, making it feel more alive, and updating the skilling station to suit the new art style.

Stardust has built several new skilling stations, including the tanning rack, well and workbench.

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Solar has worked on the new furnace, anvil and other forge decorations.

With all these new assets, and some help from Sean and Disapproval, Trickz has built an impressive new world. Here are a couple of examples. The first includes some new particles to go with fishing, and the second, some example market stalls.

Sound Effects

Vern has been producing new sound effects for our skilling stations and other parts of the world. Here are a handful of examples to check out.- Cauldron openCauldron ambienceFurnace openAnvil craft

Server Infrastructure

Unravel and Spyda, with the help of Michael, have been working on getting the servers infrastructure for Early Access set up. With a bit of Kubernetes wizardry, we are now all setup ready to launch and update our servers quickly and easily. You can see some of the results of this in our new server list in Discord, courtesy of Dynny, where the status of each server will be kept up to date.


While the new UI won't be making it into early access, here is a quick preview of some example hotbars that Disapproval designed recently.

She has also spent time making sure that our elements are nicely resizable so that we can build panels faster in the future.

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We have been working to iron out a load of bugs from the game, and finishing some other features. These include friends and ignore list functionality, and unlockable pets that drop as a rare chance from animals you kill.


Thank you once again everyone for your support and patience, and we hope to see many of you in game before too long.


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