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Today is the last day of the Steam Next Fest, What were some demo’s that impressed you?

Here's some ones that I personally enjoyed:

The Last Campfire made by small team at hello games it's an interesting puzzle game. I actually played through the entire demo and I was actually surprised at how much I ended up liking the game with some simplistic but interesting puzzles (usually don't play puzzle games). I think I'll end up getting this down the line.

Unexplored 2: The Wayfarer's Legacy is a top down roguelite RPG. I had fun with it but I have to say it's a pretty hard game. The game really punishes you for using magic as if you spam it you'll get hoarded by rifts? Which can near instantly kill you. Also, I liked the coin based table-top gameplay for unlocking doors or getting through certain scenarios. I only played the tutorial aspect of it but the devs indicated the demo covers 3 worlds if I remember correctly (so it's a meaty demo). Overall, when it does come to steam i'll probably pick it up.

The Good Life Made by Swery65, this is a slice of life RPG where you play as a photography who goes to a small town in England to uncover its secrets and pay off your debts. It's a Swery game so I'm sure it'll get more interesting but I did have fun exploring the town and trying to do the tasks laid down by the company hiring the photographer. I did have a problem with the day and night cycle as I felt it went way to fast so I hope they adjust in the near future. But overall I think there's a lot to discover here and the town is designed to be explored to that end as well. Something to keep an eye for me.

Forgive me Father is a retro horror FPS and boy is it quite scary. I dont' usually do horror games because I can't handle them but I gave this one a shot because I love the art style of it. It is quite scary in places because of the atmosphere and how the game handles doors. There's no loading screen when you go through a door but rather the whole room opens up when you go through the door so as soon as you open the door bang there's like 3-5 zombies waiting for you out of nowhere. Oh and to top of it off they can spawn behind you as well! Overall, it's a well made game but I'm not sure I can handle that through the duration of the game haha.

Fallen Aces Crime Noir FPS and probably my favourite demo of the ones I played. The controls are very good and the game is actually quite fun as you turn up the difficultly. Has different ways you can approach the demo level and overall the humor and the atmosphere were on point for me. This is probably going to be one I'm strongly considering picking up when it does release.

Other games I played but didn't play long enough to form an opinion:

Endling I played for a bit but it kind of got repetitive looking for food and trying to do the day to day tasks everyday but I did enjoy it weirdly. The art style is quite interesting and the premise of playing as a wasteland fox is quite cool. But I need to play it a bit further and longer to form a complete opinion.

STONKS-9800: Stock Market Simulator played for a bit but got confused and ultimately dropped it. I'm not a ultra stock guy so it was difficult for me to play this one but since it got recommended I tried it out regardless.

Games I have downloaded but haven't played yet:

Tavern Master


House Flipper City

Diplomacy is not an Option


Starship Troopers: Terran Commander

What games did you try and enjoy?


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