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Today’s UIs don’t appeal to me. (Subjective disccussion)

Today's UIs, that usually look like this, feel a bit too small for me.

Text is sometimes too small, the icons are small as well.

I find myself nostalgizing about old videogames and their interfaces. Like Metroid Prime and Republic Commando which united interface and design on the front of the helmet, and the number of ammo is shown on a weapon.

Dead Space did it in third person view.

Or, we can take a different approach and make the interface to look like a… magical window to the another world of fantastic adventures… as i call it 🙂 Makes player feel like the one who uses the computer or console to help the habitants of another fantastic world with their adventure, which makes screen feel like a window to another world.

Like Might and Magic 7 and Ys Eternal.–gyyqSICwGc2DmOgN4kUsvUA8DP344clGJTHIxuA

And another gripe of mine to the modern UI… is that it looks too flat. I prefer when interface looks more pretty, tilted or drawn awesomely.

I never played Too Human, but this is a good example, i love that it's not just a circle, but a tilted circle.

Or Space Rangers 2 which has fantastic designs. It feels like actual buttons.

Some modern games like Kingdom Come do keep awesomely designed UI, but i just don't like how most of today's videogames have very small UI which also hurts my eyes as i try to look into them.

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I love when UI is pretty and stylish, as i love pretty and stylish things. Flat UI is not pretty nor stylish, so i don't like it.


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