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Tomb Raider 2013 is a bad game

Content of the article: "Tomb Raider 2013 is a bad game"

Game starts with the opening line, "I'd finally set out to make my mark; to find adventure. But instead adventure found me." Straight off the bat the writing is terrible and full of cliches.

Then Lara jumps from the ship and there's that little piano sound that plays when she jumps for Roths hand that sounds generic af and the score stays like that throughout the whole game, generic.

Take Silent Hill, Spyro or Skyrim for example. You can listen to any score on that soundtrack and it sounds like it belongs to the respective game. With Tomb Raider, it sounds generic and like it could belong to anything. There's nothing memorable in the score.

15 minutes into the game and Lara has set herself on fire, fell on a 2 inch long rusty rebar, going straight through her left kidney that she then stupidly pulls out and then swims through sewage. She's out in the rain in just a tank top, shivering her ass off but somehow doesn't get hypothermia. She falls from a tree and smacks her head off the floor. Swims through more sewage and then gets her leg caught in a bear trap. This is only the first two levels and shit like this will continue throughout the whole game.

I get it's just a game and it's fiction, but for a game that tries to take itself so seriously, I can't take Lara seriously when she should have been dead 3 minutes into the game.

Then there's also the emotional dissonance in the writing. For example she shoots someone for the first time. She has her little moment, starts screaming anf cought etc. Then the cutscene ends with her stringing her bow around her looking completely unaffected. So you're feeling awkward like "Tf was that about?" You can't go from screaming and coughing to 100% focused in the space of 2 seconds and expect it to be believable.

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I just can't relate to Lara. She shows glimpses of humanity such as killing her first deer or her first kill and then a second later (still in the cutscene, so I'm not talking about ludonarritive dissonance) all of that has been wiped away. Not to mention she's fucking Hugh Jackman.

The game claims it's about survival, but there's barely any survival in the game. You kill a deer once. Not to get food, but to advance the story. There's no hunger mechanic. There's no clothes you have to go around scavenging to keep you alive. The only pseuedosurvival mechanic is crafting upgrades on your weapons and it's so stripped down. You collect salvage and then pick a stat on your weapon. Why not have something like Far Cry or Assassin's Creed where you actually have to put some effort into it? This isn't survival, it's just looting bodies and kicking any crate you see.

The game tries to include RPG mechanics and fails at that too because most of the perks help you get more salvage or allow you to do an execution with your weapon which is almost never used outside of the last battle since if you need to use executions before then, you're bad at stealth.

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Side content is just collecting things. The trinkets and stuff has its novelty but the voice acting on the journals is awful. Also did I mention there's only 7 tombs?

That's right, Tomb Raider, a a game in which you're a Lara Croft who raids tombs only has 7 easy, small and completely ignorable tombs that aren't relevant to the overarching story.

The climbing/exploration is fun and sometimes when the game gets the enemy placement right, the stealth can be fun. Those are it's redeeming qualities.


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