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Top 50 most played games on PS5 by PS-Timetracker | March 2021

Hi everyone!

Based on the works of /u/s0vs0v, I decided to make this thread on r/PS5 about the top 50 played games by PS5 players.

As a reminder, this comes from a panel of voluntary gamers who applied to have their time tracked by a bot.

Disclaimer: This does not represent the full picture of the entire PS5 playerbase, and only shows trends based on a non-representative sample of the PS5 owners.

As the PS5 playerbase is still small, I only take the top 50 games instead of the top 100, as those being from 51st to 100th have low player counts and some games can be pushed to the top thanks to a few people leaving the game idle while being in the PS5 UI menus.

Here's the top 50 most played games on PS5 in March, based on 4476 active and voluntary PS5 users:

# Game Hours Played Players Sessions Avg Session Rank change
1 Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War 18853 1072 13624 01:24 =
2 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 15561 922 11059 01:25 =
3 FIFA 21 12564 587 9500 01:20 =
4 Destiny 2 11285 367 5445 02:05 =
5 Apex Legends 9137 472 6487 01:25 +2
6 Fortnite 9007 748 8827 01:02 +2
7 Assassin's Creed Valhalla 7979 539 5059 01:35 -2
8 Rocket League 6596 632 6985 00:57 +1
9 Grand Theft Auto V 5444 579 3670 01:30 +1
10 Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege 5038 432 4241 01:12 +6
11 Minecraft 4764 441 3583 01:20 +2
12 Demon's Souls 4470 348 2988 01:30 +7
13 NBA 2K21 4033 178 3070 01:19 +4
14 Final Fantasy VII Remake 4032 499 2691 01:30 NEW
15 Ghost of Tsushima 3840 408 2569 01:30 +5
16 Genshin Impact 3645 223 3609 01:01 -5
17 Control Ultimate Edition 3545 506 2667 01:20 -11
18 Remnant: From the Ashes 3467 569 2057 01:42 NEW
19 Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales 3092 482 2699 01:09 -4
20 ARK: Survival Evolved 3061 102 1527 02:01 +3
21 Yakuza: Like A Dragon 3002 129 1577 01:55 NEW
22 Tom Clancy's The Division® 2 2940 164 1332 02:13 -4
23 Persona 5 Strikers 2928 153 1598 01:50 +7
24 Final Fantasy XIV 2885 71 1050 02:45 +7
25 God of War 2815 400 1965 01:26 -13
26 Overwatch: Origins Edition 2685 211 2181 01:14 -5
27 Red Dead Redemption 2 2680 282 2074 01:18 +2
28 Marvel's Avengers 2496 262 2119 01:11 NEW
29 Dead by Daylight 2432 196 1955 01:15 -4
30 Astro's Playroom 2420 1048 3372 00:44 -3
31 Cyberpunk 2077 2365 257 1478 01:37 -9
32 Immortals Fenyx Rising 2131 170 1200 01:47 -8
33 Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout 2119 447 2528 00:51 +8
34 Days Gone 2109 292 1508 01:24 -8
35 Watch Dogs: Legion 2021 377 1743 01:10 +8
36 Persona 5 Royal 1967 109 1049 01:53 -4
37 Monster Hunter World: Iceborne 1841 167 843 02:12 -4
38 Maquette 1821 737 1778 01:02 NEW
39 The Last of Us Part II 1634 173 1021 01:37 +3
40 Bloodborne 1450 207 1016 01:26 +10
41 Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered 1441 218 1237 01:10 -6
42 It Takes Two 1238 222 688 01:48 NEW
43 Subnautica 1230 403 986 01:15 NEW
44 The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited 1217 61 716 01:42 -4
45 Outriders (Demo) 1163 430 1105 01:04 -6
46 Ratchet & Clank 1152 378 1099 01:03 NEW
47 HITMAN 3 1119 153 904 01:15 -19
(48) Black Desert 1075 24 219 04:55 NEW
48 Borderlands 3 1057 143 786 01:21 -11
49 No Man's Sky 1023 125 710 01:27 -6
50 Persona 5 1009 116 554 01:50 -2
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  • There's no change in the top four: Call of Duty is still king on PS5 for the time being. The franchise is still a staple, and despite no PS5-enhanced version of Warzone, it still remains the most popular BR of the console. FIFA keeps its third place (football fans always need their ball kicking itch), and Destiny 2 keeps retaining its players through its gameplay loop.
  • A bit lower, Apex Legends and Fortnite grab a couple of positions, and the latter largely benefitted from the launch of its Season 6. However, Fortinite is much less popular on PS5 than it is on PS4 – when you take all platforms, Fortnite is #1 in March, by a landslide.
  • We'll also note the presence of Rainbow Six Siege in the top 10: it was helped a bunch thanks to a free to play week this month. It shows an 32% player increase compared to February. Another Ubisoft game benefitted from a similar operation: Watch Dogs Legion. It ranks at #35 this month.
  • Let's now talk about the free games of the month.
    • First of all, Final Fantasy VII Remake. Ranking at #14, it's the best-performing PS+ monthly game in March. A bit more than 11% of all PS5 players launched the game at least once. This is actually kinda low, and I could see a few reasons: many players probably already played the game (as it's a million-seller), and the fact that the PS+ version isn't eligible to the PS5 upgrade coming in June. We might see a bump in the numbers when FF7 Remake Intergrade will release. However, it has an average of 8 hours per player – the game is good and addictive.
    • Remnant: From The Ashes is quite strong. Despite no PS5 enhancements, its gameplay loop and the fact that it's not a widely known game grabbed the curiosity of many players, more than FF7 Remake (12.7%). The fact that the game is also playable in co-op online definitely helped. Ranking at #18, it clearly managed to find a spot on the hard drives of many PS5 players.
    • Maquette was a day-and-date release, coming from the small indie studio Graceful Decay. 16.5% of PS5 players downloaded it and played at least once. However, it ranks only at #38: being a very short game (it can be completed in roughly 4-5 hours), it didn't offer much replay value after completing the main story (except trophies). Also, the fact that it's a puzzle game, and some small performance issues at launch, didn't help retaining some players.
    • Now, let's talk about Ratchet & Clank, the first Play at Home game given for free, to everyone. Its performance in the charts is rather disappointing, being only 46th. But it's simply explained by the fact it's already present in the PS+ Collection, and being a single player game, all those who played it (and probably platinumed it) back in the day have a low interest to replay it. But, plot twist, at the very end of the month, Insomniac released an unexpected patch that unlocked 60 fps on PS5. So it's safe to say we can expect seeing R&C in this top in April, and probably in May to prepare for Rift Apart in June.
    • Then, despite being available for free only in the last week of the month, Subnautica went above and beyond all expectations, clearly being the most popular game of the second batch of Play at Home. Taking spot #43, Subnautica has the advantage of being playable at 60 fps on PS5 (through some dev console trickery). We'll definitely see the underwater survival game returning next month, and the release of Below Zero in May, alongside a real PS5 version for the original, will be very interesting to track.
    • Even if it's not in the top 50, Enter the Gungeon still managed to get into the top 100. Destruction AllStars was on the brink of getting kicked out of the top 100 this month (97th – a drop of 83 spots!). It's safe to say that this is the first failure of the PS5.
  • Two notable games made their entrance in the top 50 this month: Yakuza: Like a Dragon, in 21st position, and Marvel's Avengers, in 28th position. Their entrance is easily explained: a PS5 version was released for both games this month, and both were free upgrades. Hard to not give a try to visual enhancements, may the game be good or bad.
  • As always, MMOs and RPGs (sometimes both) keep the players the most: Final Fantasy XIV, The Division 2, The Elder Scrolls Online, Destiny 2, ARK, Yakuza, Persona, all retain their players for a bunch of time, usually more than 20 hours per player during the month. Let's not forget the curious case of Black Desert, which cracked the top this month with nearly 45 hours per player, for the 24 of them who launched the game on PS5… Which is why it's in italic.
  • There wasn't many new releases this month (mostly PS5 upgrades) – It Takes Two, the latest co-op game from Hazelight, was lauded by critics, and enters the top despite a few days of availability. It sits at #42 and should still be present in April.
  • Finally, let's say goodbye to the games that were present in the top 50 in February, but aren't in March: Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order, Star Wars Battlefront II, Sackboy: A Big Adventure, Nioh 2 Remastered, Madden NFL 21, Maneater, and Destruction AllStars.
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What to expect in April?

  • There shouldn't be much movement at the top. Season Three for Black Ops Cold War should be a big hit as a huge map update for Warzone should drop. Rumors say it will be Verdansk in a 80s setting.
  • PS+ games shouldn't make much waves – Days Gone is already in the PS+ Collection, and Oddworld Soulstorm should crack the top 20. I don't think Zombie Army 4 will be present.
  • Horizon: Zero Dawn should get a nice boost from Play at Home on April 19, especially knowing it's not in the PS+ Collection and many players will be eager to (re)discover the story of Aloy, which is due to continue at the end of the year in Forbidden West. Fingers crossed for a 60 fps patch right before. Subnautica is here to stay.
  • Outriders should rank high as it is available for the entire month. MLB The Show 21 will probably have a spot (hoping all players aren't going to Xbox thanks to Game Pass). NieR Replicant will be another big release. Judgment will get a PS5 upgrade in April. However, Returnal, which releases at the very end of April, won't manage to get a spot. It will definitely shine in May.
  • No Man's Sky is at the bottom of the top 50 this month but the latest Expeditions update, and the several sponsored streams on Twitch, gave it a nice boost.
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See you in a month!


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