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Yep the title is about as plain and clear as it can get. I want to know your top five favorite games. I'm going to post mine in the OP later because of the raw difficulty it is for me to choose. I'm assuming #1 will be your favorite and #5 the least, I'm super interested in your comments.

5 Legend of Zelda Ocarina of time: classic title and played by almost every kid born in the 90s this was a absolute golden masterpiece during its time and still holds up to this day.

4 The last of us: This one hit home for me pretty hard as did it for a lot of people I know. The fact there's a second game coming out solidify its spot at #4 for me

3 Fall out new vegas: This game was one of my first big open world games (I missed Skyrim) something about it really hit me harder then Fallout 3 and 4 it had a very different feel to it that holds a special spot in my heart after replaying this game 20+ times and beating the dlcs countless times it definitely scores the #3 spot without a doubt.

2 Bioshock: This game is simply badass no other word to use the genetic splicing the madness it really is a true game of champions. To this day I haven't met a single soul who hasn't at least gave this game 10 minutes.

1 Bloodbourne: So I could go on for a while about this game the fact it's HP Lovecraft proof and it was born out of a already bad ass trilogy which I will say the same for Bioshock. This game had a certain feel to it, something I loved about the madness and beasts the true philosophy to it and the breath taking art and game play drew me in. I've beat this game so many times I've lost count tried every build path one could go and to this day I still boot it up and replay it time to time Bloodbourne truly is my #1 favorite game period.


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