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Transparency and Honesty in MMOs

I have a problem with the way these "game companies" that produce of the modern MMORPS nowadays. A big problem is transparency and honesty. I come from World of Warcraft which I imagine a lot of you did aswell. Blizzard has become so disconnected with the player base its almost like its their purpose so they don't feel as bad making us pay 15 dollars a month for NOTHING. Then a couple months ago I found out about this game called Ashes of Creation. It blew my mind the ambition of this game and it stems from one guy….Steven. He is like us a jaded MMORPG vet who is tired of being beaten like a dog. So I began to watch all the streams and videos. One thing I love about Steven and the rest of the creative team is the transparency, they will admit and say they dont have something worked out and explain how they will work it out or when something isn't going to work they commit to fixing it or just say it will not work. Even though they have the testers right now in a NDA their streams show so much and they are so honest. I think this should and WILL attract the attention of MMO players and gamers in general who feel video games have gone way to corporate and got filled with suits, because it has. Coming from World of Warcraft myself Blizzard has totally given us the shaft these last few years. From hiding the sub numbers to an apparent and complete disconnect of understanding of how the players play the game and what they find as fun. I watched Stevens interview with Asmongold recently and its amazing that he was driving a car through Nevada and had everything about the game on the top of his head, and if you look at Preaches interview with Ion this past week Preach had to send his questions over so Ion would know how to answer them. This is Stevens baby. He has invested 30M dollars of his own money and sunk his lifestyle into this game. In my eyes this game can't fail, Steven won't let it. I'll be there with him the whole way making Ashes of Creation as successful as possible. I know this comes off as super fanboy but I can't help it, I have never been this intrigued by a game since i heard of WoW as a young kid. So sorry to sound over excited but this game is the MMO genres last hope.

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