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Truck smashed into and PS4 was stolen while I was moving.

Content of the article: "Truck smashed into and PS4 was stolen while I was moving."

Reposting because the mods asked for my title to be more descriptive. I am also getting everything covered by insurance, I’m just sad about it and wanted to talk about it.

TL;DR Moving, truck smashed into and my launch day PS4 was stolen. They are playing it online.

I pre-ordered my PS4 during a very dark time in my life. I even had it gift wrapped and wrote myself a note. “Enjoy. You earned it” is what the gift note said. I still have it. My PS4 has been a constant in my life and has helped me get through the worst parts of being in a demanding military job.

My wife never really understood video games. It was actually something that I was willing to defend and fight over but she understood that they make me happy, even though she had wild conservative ideas of video games and addiction. She played kingdom hearts for the first time on it. Even jumped up and was yelling at the screen during the Ursula fight.

I left the military after 10 years. I’m going to a great university now to get my degree. We moved across the country and on my first official day out of the military we were on the road.

We pulled into a major city after midnight on a full day of driving and got a room at a nice hotel. We were completely fragged and barely got ourselves to the room. Told the front desk about our Uhaul when we first got there and asked the best place to park it. We parked in the hotels valet lot. Security tours the lot.

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I woke up to a phone call from the front desk at 6:45. My truck had been broken into. It was loaded up with a lot since we had to move a few days earlier than planned and it was a scramble. The uhaul made us a target. They took a lot from us, but one of the more sentimental items taken was my PS4.

The detectives have a request to Sony to pull the location of my PS4 because within a number of hours after it went missing, someone was playing on my account. They connected to WiFi. I hope that it helps bring them in. For now, I can just watch as I see my PSN name from the app “Now playing Ghost of Tsushima”

I see the trophies they got as they play my story line that I had dedicated so much time and soul to. Knowing that they fired up my launch day PS4 to see my Haiku headband of strife. They continued my story, and took it away from me. It was a twist of a knife.

I feel like a piece of me was taken. It’s been two weeks and I can’t even bring myself to order a new one to replace it.

Thanks for listening.


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