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True Life: I’m a Gamer Who Can’t Get Gud

I have a confession, and here might be the place to do it. I effin' hate the Dark Souls series and what it has done to gaming.

I tried to hang with the real gamers, snagging a PS3 back in 2012 and playing Demons Souls. I thought, okay, if I just grind I can get strong enough and get better. No. No matter what I did, I hit a wall. I tried Dark Souls as that was the game everyone was talking about. No. The Wall. I switch platforms and tried it on Xbox 360 since that controller is a little better on my hands. No. THE Wall. I bought Dark Souls 2 as I heard it was easier. No. THE WALL.

I tried different games in the genre, like Lords of the Fallen. No. THE. WALL. I even tried a handful of nameless souls-like games, and every single time. WALL.

I didn't bother trying Bloodbourne, and now to be honest every time I hear the phrase "it's like Dark Souls" I just die a little inside. The Wall.

Sekiro, The Surge series, Nioh. No can do. I'm even antsy about picking up SW Jedi: Fallen Order from what I've heard.

I'll admit, I'm not the most patient man, but I grew up playing SNES platformers and my reflexes haven't gotten that shabby even though I'm now almost 40. But these souls games, I just can't do it. FPS games, most platformers (3d ones give me just a little trouble), action RPGs, none of these give me any real trouble. A couple of replays on an area or two, maybe a boss that gives me issues (or 99% of Control) But these Get Gud games, I gotta leave them to all of you out there that have that level of patience, timing, and dedication. My blood pressure can't take it.

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That's all.

TLDR: I can't Get Gud. Laugh at my inability, commiserate if you're in the same boat.

Minor clarification – I'm okay with not being able to hang with the DS crown skills-wise, my thanks for the encouragement from your responses to stay positive and not let it get me down. I am leery of games that bear the souls-like comparison going forward, though.


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