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Turrets in video games are unfair

I hate turrets. Can we talk about turrets? Gun turrets, not the castle kind. In games like bio shock, fallout, outer worlds, and tons of other games, turrets are a type of enemy. They function mostly like this: You walk into a room, the turrets sees you, it gives you a small window before opening fire. This window ranges from fair, but annoying (Fallout) to absolutely unfair (Bioshock).

The challenge, I assume, of a turret is supposed to be to locate it, and destroy it before it begins to fire. Because once it begins shooting, theirs nothing you can do except stand directly in front of it, taking all of the bullets it shoots at you directly, and spamming the shoot button until its gone. Sometimes it will stop shooting, and give you a even smaller window to shoot back. But if your gun doesn't do enough damage to destroy it in that time, more nigh-unbdodgeable bullets for you!

Of course, you could find cover (if you're lucky) and simply wait for it to stop shooting for a fraction of a second, peek out, shoot it a few times, and peek back into cover. For every single turret. Sounds like fun, huh? It isn't. At all.

And don't get me started on hidden turrets. Walk into a room, oops, theirs a turret you could only see if you inched into the room, nervously peering around every corner like a scared animal. Way to force me to play absolutely perfectly and so god awfully slowly.

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Am I overeating? Does anyone else share my hatred of turrets in gaming?


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