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TV & Video App is worse and I fear a sign of what to expect with the next UI

Content of the article: "TV & Video App is worse and I fear a sign of what to expect with the next UI"

So I logged into my PS4 and went into TV & Video App as I normally do, not thinking anything of it but as I moved to the apps I actually used, I notice that all of them seem to be gone. In its place were more apps that I don't have a subscription (and because they keep trying to shove these things down my throat never will) Like I understand that the garbage that is the TV & Video "folder" and them wanting to advertise other apps that you might not use, but at least there was some sort of balance between their advertising (with Disney+ now first) but now its clustered with these ad pushes, requiring me to scroll pass them to get to "all apps" where they are once again pushed to the top just and requires more scrolling to get to the apps that I actually use (like Plex, youtube, etc.)

Like this really keeps getting more and more ridiculous, starting when they made this uneditable folder in the first place. Like It was annoying, but at least it displayed the last 3 streaming apps you used unless they became one of the "featured" apps. That changed with Disney+, which I am assuming is because it tossed Disney-money to Sony so they would permanently promote their app. Still Sony kept with their promoted apps vs your 3 apps. Apparently that changed today with you no longer having access to your apps on the main TV & Video Screen. It annoyed me so much that I literally switched to my Roku for the first time in months because at least I had quick access to the streaming apps I used. Like it was easier than and faster than using my PS4.

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So I wanted to posture this question in which in the new PS5 UI, will they throw apps that we don't use at us again and continue to make it convoluted. Likewise, if Sony keeps pushing their "featured" apps, what is to stop this from happening with gaming, where they push "featured" games in the UI, keeping you from games you play often because they are paid for it by another corporation. Just food for thought and a bit of annoyed frustration(ranting).


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