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Twilight Princess feels like it’s having an identity crisis

I played through a good chunk of Twilight Princess HD and I'm finding it really hard to be motivated to keep going. The game feels like it can't decide whether it wants to be dark and gritty, or whether it wants to appeal to nostalgia for the previous games (except for wind waker; it feels like they overcorrected on it's cartoony aesthetic). At one point you have this horror cutscene with people who have glazed over eyes and some pretty spooky stuff going on, and then the next minute the goofy mailman from OoT runs up to you with a letter. It also constantly feels like it's pushing stuff from OoT in your face for nostalgia value. The skull kid is there playing Saria's song, the forest temple, death mountain and Zora's domain are the first three dungeons and so on. My main problem with the Zelda franchise is that with very few exceptions, they aren't really willing to try anything substantially new with the story or setting. From what I've seen Skyward Sword and BotW seemed to shake things up a lot so I'm looking forward to eventually trying them, but I think for now I'm going to be putting this game down.

Also, it doesn't really feel like the remaster is much more than a texture pack. Models are still fairly low-poly and the camera controls are still pretty janky, especially when you're wolf link, when you're swimming or when you're in a small room. The N64 Zeldas didn't have free camera control and they had more cooperative cameras than this game. There's also lighting weirdness that was carried through like objects only being lit by their nearest light sources which looks really strange in some parts. The addition of gyro aiming for the bow and hookshot and stuff is good, but that's pretty much the only substantial improvement I can detect in this version. Honestly it feels like I'm just playing a gamecube game upscaled through dolphin.

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EDIT: Also, I nearly forgot to mention this, but the fact that Midna looks basically like a child, but she's naked, they gave her really exaggerated hips and the camera lingers on her butt a lot is really creepy and it made me pretty uncomfortable.


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