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Two simple, small-sized, casual, portrait oriented “MMO” review/recommendations

I thought there could be a niche for players who just want to tap a game with their phones oriented normally for other app usage, and that don't necessarily demand too much attention or maintenance. Or flipping your phone. And maybe you'd also enjoy if they have some sort of online community or interactivity in game.

Both can, and arguably are optimally played just a few minutes or hours a day, so although I'm sure it's entirely possible, they aren't games that you can grind hardcore. Both are online but I think the term "MMO" was self explanatory, just to remind you in case that's a no-no. Both are *very* light on IAP. I've been playing both intermittently, as both have their own timers or downtimes, so just putting it out there.


SimpleMMO, the Lightweight MMO is just what it sounds like. Taking a whopping 2 seconds to open from clicking on it, it's the more polished and more monetized of the two. The gameplay loop is simple: you have a "walking" mechanic, which is basically pressing a button every few seconds in order to roll a small amount of EXP and gold, or a random event. Every roll, or "step", comes along with personalized flavour text, sometimes pop culture references, dev blog entries, Chuck Norris jokes with your character replacing Chuck Norris, random jokes, puns, etc. There is also two energy systems, but before you completely dismiss the game, keep in mind what I said that these are casual games, and these do not *entirely* stop you from playing the game or any of its other mechanics. One in form of energy itself which is used to battle NPCs and players in the arena, and the other one is quest points, which can be used to advance quest steps, each step earning you more experience. These are refilled every few minutes (quest points IIRC are ~9 or 10 min, not entirely sure about energy). Quests are incremental, as in every completed quest gives you a global quest bonus that is cumulative. Inbetween questing, pve/pvp and just walking, you can also have a Job which takes 10 min each step and you can queue up to 10 so up to 100 min of idle progress for your job. The game also has a crafting system, world boss, events, guilds, pvp, player trading system etc. It's pretty neat. Mostly text based but has some nice sprite graphics.

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Dungeon Masters

A little unrelated to this one but I think it's very underrated and I was one of the people who just entirely dismissed it at first. When I saw this one, I thought the name and icon although generic looked okay and it was recommended by the playstore related to some cool games, so I clicked it, but the oversized 8-bit graphics and oversimplistic, crude UI seemed a little too much. Or maybe it was the fact that the devs name was an actual person's name instead of a company, which makes sense, considering the game is apparently being made by two people. The mastery tree looked okay but I couldnt get over these small issues. Until I actually started playing the game. It's *extremely* simple, maybe to a fault. But it has very nice progress, good combat mechanics and difficulty, very good multiplayer implementation, and nice character build variety. Solo dungeons are timed except for the first one, which becomes somewhat obsolete soon, with longer timers on higher floors, so the first floor will have a 10 min timer per attempt (with multiple attempts being unlocked as you level), second floor will have 30 min timers etc, each attempt consisting of 2 or 3 normal mob battles and a boss battle, with it being an endurance style as in you don't refill skill charges/health after every battle. Multiplayer battles don't have timers so you can do them as often as you can find 2 other people to do them with you and this is where the game hooked me, and why the game could really use more players. You can queue for any floor you want, and the game has an indicator of how many people are queued for each floor at the moment. Multiplayer dungeons are 3×3 battles, characters do their actions according to who has higher dex. After you queue your attack, your teammates will be able to see it in-game as an icon (for example, the backstab icon with a 2 means I'll backstab the second enemy), and you also have a simple "chat" system in game which doesn't actually use a keyboard. For convenience and ease of use, it instead has several icons relevant to the battle, so for example, attack icons and number icons so you can recommend your teammates who to attack. It even has different element attack icons, considering the game has a mechanic where if two different elements are used consecutively, it has an "explosion" effect which increases damage, so it has more strategic elements and on the more difficult dungeons, a nice amount of strategy and team play can be necessary. It's a criminally underrated game, and right now it doesn't seem to have too much longevity, as it's developed by only two people and it's feels early in development, so not much content is there yet. But it really could use more players, especially for the multiplayer which can be played so effortlessly and honestly, feels very good IMO. Right now the game has veeery few players, so usually around 30 people online that can do floor 1, then it goes down to 20 people on floor 2, and although I can somewhat consistently find people for pretty much each floor within a few minutes, at least up until floor 4 or 5 (each floor has a 10 level gap), the more the merrier. The game also has a dungeon building mechanic, although its pretty barebones. You can basically kill monsters several times, each time increasing a chance that you can capture it (with one capture attempt per floor attempt). Considering you do capture a monster, you can then use it to build dungeons yourself (basically sets of 4 battles), that increase in difficulty and loot multiplier the more people who are defeated by it, and then gives you money the more people play it or are defeated by it. It's pretty cool, and the community uses it sometimes to farm (so you go on discord and ask someone if they can make a dungeon specifically with mobs you need to farm, so you can farm on dungeon cooldowns). IAPs are pretty much non existant, consisting in cosmetics, mastery resets (which you get for free at two points while leveling), and some very marginal benefits for the dungeon building mechanic IIRC.

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I think it really could use a wiki too, it has a nice tutorial and tooltips but it's basically impossible to find anything outside of the discord, as the game doesnt seem to have a wiki, forums, or anything like that, and looking for "dungeon masters android" on google just shows the app and general tabletop RPG discussion. So IMHO the game could use some rebranding in changing the name to something more unique, but eh.

Anyway, hope someone was looking for something like this, or weren't, but happen to enjoy the game(s).


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