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Ubi support blames my game not working on my ‘server cpu’ (which is very much above the min specs) and me having a “adversarial role” as to why they arent helping me

i feel like i need to take a breather and vent out weeks long ubisoft support for a moment here because im very much never coming back to ubisoft support ever again, and while my case is "unsolved" as i post, i have found much better human responders on forum threads that have given me some good leads. i think whats become most aggravating is the attitude i have faced- the further i push for support the more stressful it is to respond to people throwing blame at me about my very up to spec PC and how its what the problem is.

from the top- a game i got doesnt work. its older, from 2016, and i checked every solution it didnt work still. my pc is very new, its a prebuilt Dell pc i got thanks to a warranty on my last one and its very good- it has a Xeon processor from 2019 and the specs are great. been playing games on it for a while now, i have even played newer and older Ubi games no problem… meets all requirements, so you know… it works! assumed it was just the game.

i wont go super into the case itself and the issue i am having with the game because my issue here is just the support staff that i need to express how awful they have been. first off i kept this case to the whole leaving a response thing and not live chat, it seemed easier time wise for me but a thing i noticed that no doubt has caused lots of communication issues is seeing that every response i get is from someone different. my case would go "backwards" because someone would pop in telling me to do the same thing, or repeating some speech about my "server cpu". there was this point where they were so much on hammering in this "server cpu" nonsense i was doubting myself. im tech savvy but i dont know specifics on how some PC stuff works, and i was very much wondering if i was "wrong" and that something about a "server cpu" wouldnt make me not play the game but…. its complete bullshit ti claim, mostly when im playing so many games that prove that point wrong. with that case, it repeated so much, they just closed my case saying they couldnt give support for a "non-gaming pc". i was quite annoyed on this first case and asked for my case to be escalated as they were refusing my support but that got me some "escalated case manager" lmao, and they just repeated the same nonsense.

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i went off to the forum threads i had made and one more human sounding Ubi person was replying to my Steam on, they had some good insight that i appreciated and it was clear this guy was following the same guide to tell me to use compatibility mode, start in safe mode, whatever nonsense. Eventually they said to start a case again. i took some time off from this because i was tired but decided ok, ill start a new case instead of going to the old one. maybe itll go better. ill go straight to the updated details and hopefully get right into some solutions….

well, one reply in with one Ubi person's solution and the next reply skips straight to "your cpu doesnt meet the requirements because it is a server cpu". i state again, that isnt relevant. my CPU meets the requirements, it is FAR above the requirements. Intel® Core™ i9-11900K or Intel® Xeon® Gold 5315Y, im not gonna be convinced your 4+ year old game can differentiate between a "server" cpu and a "gaming" cpu (which they kept claiming specifically, it had to be a "gaming" cpu)… i was frusterated that this response came in so early because now i was back to arguing/explaining this wasnt relevant and my PC meet all the specs required and they needed to give me some support for this mysterious crashing. It should be said i have done a lot of my own looking into these issues, because all i get are the compatibility mode, safe mode, whatever basic solutions. i have done things they never considered suggesting that changed some things. even so i hand them multiple specific details (gpu spikes, the crash changing after i lowered my CPU cores being used, crash changing after i forced windowed mode) and i still get them saying they 'cant help' bc of this server cpu that is well within this game's specs.

of course, every response is from a whole different person. that doesnt help, as they are all kind of repeating the same thing about my server cpu when i mention how they should shut up about it. i provide some more leads into some issues, things like 'oh i found the error code for the crash in my windows report files'…. or 'i found this or that, i am here to continue support and will listen to what they can offer based on this' but its like theyre blind to my details or they truly dont know anything past the very basic guide of solutions they're provided off screen, because its just another 'start in safe mode' run down…

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as i am going to wrap this up because im tired and i have now gone to Microsoft support forums and am talking to someone that feels like a human with knowledge, i check on the newest response today after i stated something like "i shouldnt be looking into these issues more than the support staff i am speaking to. i am providing many details but am never getting solutions or comments about it." and i got the most passive aggressive/ruse response i imagine this Ubi staff could muster without getting into trouble- "Simply put, if you continue to take an adversarial role in seeking a solution from our Technical Support Staff, we will refuse your submission for technical support"….. "Please remember that this often requires your assistance as well"….. yes as if i havent been providing leagues of specific details and never getting a response on anything specific to it. the fact that i am asking they just stop blaming me for a baseless CPU claim and actually help me. its totally my fault for being standoffish about the fact a support team wants to blame me for my problems instead of helping me with them. I literally got one response into this case before i they lept on me with those claims and from there its just been constant back and forth trying to ask for some dang solutions to try that show they actually read my case!

i that get my problem with the game has been persistent and mysterious unlike others they have dealt with (i assume), but fuck if im okay with being blamed for it on a PC that is completely capable (and has played this game in the past!) of playing it, with baseless claims about "server cpus" versus "gaming cpus" and "consumer-grade hardware" (which makes no sense because my "server" pc is above the hardware of a 'consumer' pc). i have heard of other people facing issues of Ubisoft just blaming them and im disappointed but now surprised with this service. my only 'positive' is they were quick to respond to my cases but its not like i enjoyed answering them every time as it got to be stressful waiting for them to insult my cpu choice…. I completely understand if my PC was under the minimum specs- in that case, they would be in the right to not provide me support because it would mean i bought a game knowing that was required. but the frustration is i bought the game knowing it is well within my PC's specs and theyre denying me support with claims that hold no weight. if they wanna show me where it says 'server pcs' cant play their games id love to see it! but it doesnt exist and Ubisoft is just does not have the knowledge to deal with my issue and id much rather they admit that then blame me over and over (if only they could admit that…).

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so now im on my own, i might go into a live chat if i have time but these experiences dont make me want to return thats for sure! my forum threads have had a lot more useful responses because at the very least i feel like im not getting automated responses. but i wanted to vent/share this more publicly outside of the probably long complaint ill give at my closed case survey thing. if there is anything i wish changed about their support its having their staff actually have some depth of knowledge on issues regarding PCs, because from the complete blindness to all the technical details i provided with no response from them, it seems pretty clear their support is incredibly surface level. even if im tech smart and can dig into this myself, i shouldnt be the one doing the work in the end. people go to a support team when they dont know whats wrong and need leads/help on what to do next and they certainly didnt make it seem like they cared to help, or even have a basic idea on what i was saying. but the fact they have no will to admit theyre in the wrong and to not blame customers when they cant fix it, its pretty clear Ubi staff has a problem thatll never go away.


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