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ubisoft plus has been a nightmare!

Content of the article: "ubisoft plus has been a nightmare!"

Okay so 2 days ago I subscribed to ubisoft plus to play the last 2 assassins creed games and maybe try out watch dogs legion as well. First thing I did was install valhalla but it would not launch. Still to this moment, 2 days later I cant actually get the damn game to launch. After hours of lookingh online and findingh no sulotion i thought to my self well lets try watchdogs then.

Thankfully this game booted up but it ran so poorly that I could not even play the game at capped 30fps 1080p at medium settings. Now my pc is not the best out there but I know it should be able to handle most games at 60fps 1440p high settings and if not then it most deffenetly can play 60fps 1080p at high settings but I could not even play the new watchdogs at 30fps, 1080p, medium settings. After a day of trying different settings I also gave up on watch dogs legion. So far I have not been able to play 2 out of 3 games I subscribed to play.

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Now lastly I installed oyssesy and this time I was sure I could get it to play smoothly considering I was able to run origins at 1080p high settings 60fps very easy soi this game should at least run at 30fps. Well you guessed it it ran like trash. I tested both 1440p and 1080p at 30 fps and it was very stuttery.

I have a intel i5 8600k and rtx 2060 and 16gb of ram. If you are into PC specs You should now that I should at the very least be able to run these games at 1080p 60fps or 1440p 30fps. But I was not able to play 1080p 30 fps at both of them. To be extra sure I watched a bunch of youtube gameplay of people playing these games on the same specs I have and they where getting much better results and achiiving around 60fps at 1080p but it has been nothing like that for me.

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I mentioned earlier that I played AC origins and it ran very well. That game I own on steam and played it through steam. These games I dont own and have been playing Through ubisoft plus. Now I know it is far streached but could this be the reason why I have been having such bad preformance? Because it doesnt seem like a lot of people have these issues. If any of you have the same issues as me pls let me know 🙂


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