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Ubisoft why do you do this?

Content of the article: "Ubisoft why do you do this?"

So I'm in the middle of playing AC Valhalla and I'm actually enjoying it, I almost forget I'm playing a Ubisoft game and I'm about 5-6 hours in and I just complete the prologue. I'm headed to England. Great stuff. I'm pumped for the rest of the game, and all of a sudden it just turns off mid-game. I'm back on my desktop and I see a message. I haven't paid for my Ubisoft+ subscription. Okay fair enough, pretty harsh to just cut me off like that, like I'm in the desert dying of thirst and Ubisoft gives me a bottle of water and just rips it out of my hand after like 2 gulps but it's fine I'll pay it. So I renew my subscription… and nothing happens. Strange, but these things can take time I get it. I quit Uplay and log out and log back in and nope. Nothing. I check my bank account and it's all paid for, so why can't I play? Turns out my account is suspended so even though I've renewed it I have to wait for them to unsuspend it which can take days. I've been staring at the wall for like 5 hours now and not 1 word from support at all, I had to go digging around on your buggy support page for answers. We download your shitty launcher and support you and give you money and you make us wait to play. Like I get it's just a game and I'll probably be able to play it tomorrow and I should stop crying but this seems incredibly scummy and stupid.

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Someone, please explain to me what the point of this is:

While your subscription is suspended, you will not be able to access any of the games that you have been provided with Ubisoft+.

To regain access to the service, please make a payment with your existing payment method or change it via the SUBSCRIPTION MANAGEMENT PAGE. You will need to update your payment method within 7 days to resume your subscription, otherwise your subscription will be cancelled.

Once you add a valid payment method, your subscription will resume. If the suspension occurred during an active billing period, your subscription will be extended by the number of days your service was suspended for. Your new billing date will be adjusted automatically and can be seen in your account.

For example, if your subscription was to end on October 31 but it was suspended for two days, once you review your payment method, the subscription will end on November 2 and your new billing period will start on November 3.


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