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Ultimate Chicken Horse is the most fun couch co-op (and online) platformer I’ve played in a long time.

Content of the article: "Ultimate Chicken Horse is the most fun couch co-op (and online) platformer I’ve played in a long time."

A friend of mine showed me this game, and i grabbed it on PC (also for switch, ps4, xbox). I know switch and pc have cross platform play, think the ps4 does but not sure (xbox does not).

The idea of the game is simple, it's kind of like mario maker where you build levels, except you're building it in real time with everyone else. You then complete the level at the same time as a 2d platformer and add on to the level until you have a winner.

At the start of each round, you each get a component (a block, or maybe arrows to kill other players), the goal of the game is to make it as hard as possible but with you being able to finish. If everyone finishes the level, you don't get any points. If you finish and at least one other person dies, you get points.

It's a fine line of balancing being a complete asshole and making a level impossible, and making it so it's difficult enough, but still able to complete.

The mechanic of the game are incredibly simple. You run, jump, and wall jump. Some of the objects you build interact with each other, and with you. There's moving platforms, traps to kill you, warps, etc. The fun comes from designing the level to be difficult but easy enough for you to finish it, and being an asshole of course. (Someone just put down a trap? Well your component let's you blow it up.).

To help balance skills, there's a handicap you can set, and the game gives the person in last an "underdog" bonus if they make a comeback. I've found this really levels the playing field a bit, and I've played with people who aren't great at platforming or really game at all that still had fun playing and stood a chance with handicaps to the score.

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If you enjoy the concept of mario maker, but want it more accessible to play with friends and designing the level in real time, ultimate chicken horse is a great game to play. It's pretty incredibly how much variety comes from such a simple concept.

The graphics are cartoony cutesy, and it's really tough to get mad while playing even though the concept is rage enducing because it's usually just so funny.

Level design is not as complex as a game like mario maker, since you're designing it in real time and with others, you can be as cooperative or antagonistic about it as you want. But for the few tools they give you, there's a lot that can be done with it.


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