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Unable to connect controller to ps4, could just be dirty?

Content of the article: "Unable to connect controller to ps4, could just be dirty?"

I have recently bought a ps4 original (I'm fairly sure it's an original), from facebook marketplace. It was only £60 and the controller was not a real ps4 one and now I can't seem to get it to work. The guy has factory reset it before giving it to me, and he said he managed to get it working but I'm having trouble.

When you turn the console on, it goes to the first set-up screen, where you have to plug in the controller with a usb cable and press the ps button to continue. I do not have a certified ps4 usb cable so I just used a normal charging one, but when the controller is plugged in with it, a notification pops up saying 'too many usb devices connected' and 'connect controller with usb cable to connect' (when it is already connected and I am pressing the ps button). My friend suggested there was a problem with the cable but I have tried 3 different ones, including one which he said is for data transfer as well as power (idk, he's techy). Because the controller was not a real ps4 one, I bought a wired nacron ps4 controller to ensure it was not the cables fault. When I plug the wired controller in, it does not say the 'too many usb devices conntected' message, but nothing happens when I press the ps button. However, when I hold the ps button and the share button, a notfication appears saying 'unable to take screenshot' which makes me believe that it is receiving the controller, but just not the ps button and I cannot understand why.

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The whole console is quite dirty and smells of cigarette smoke, so I cleaned the usb ports of dust (there was a lot), but this didn't make a difference. The ports are still quite grimey with physical dirt rather than dust, so if I was to clean them or take the whole console apart and clean it thoroughly, this might help, but I also do not want to break it. I thought someone may have experienced the same issue and know how to fix it more easily. Thanks!


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