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Underrated games that never got the sequels they deserved

Content of the article: "Underrated games that never got the sequels they deserved"

Jade Empire 2005

A Bioware eastern-themed action RPG… how did this never get a sequel? Sure it was clunky and weird at times but it was pretty innovative and different as far as RPGs go… and was still heaps of fun. In typical Bioware it had some pretty memorable characters like Wild Flower a little girl who turned into a big guardian beast for fights. It built such an awesome and unique world but never got to do anything else with it! It would look pretty stellar in today's graphics engines.

Sins of a Solar Empire 2008

A RTS/4X Space Hybrid where you colonised and built up an empire like in games such as Endless Space and Stellaris… but actually took command of your ships in battle RTS style like Homeworld. Such a great blend of ideas with 3 very cool and distinct yet fairly balanced factions. Considering the crazy scale of some games these days it would be amazing to see this with today's technology.

World in Conflict 2007

A massively underrated RTS game set in the modern day kinda like the Wargame series except way less hardcore and way more fun. It was an odd RTS that completely ditched any kind of base building for non stop clashes in all sorts of fantastic maps. The campaign was fantastic for a RPG with some top notch characters and VA and some crazy moments (like dropping a nuke on the USA… as the Americans). Multiplayer was awesome too especially because of the nature of the game means you could drop in to games already going, the game would just divide a team's resources between players so it was always fair, so unlike most RTS games where you need to commit hours in a row for multiplayer, you could drop in and out with ease and just have some fun. It's too bad there was never a sequel for those not hardcore enough to deal with Wargame.

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Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine 2011

It was dumb, cheesey and not super ground breaking… but it was peak 40k action. No game ever apart from dawn of war (which ironically was ruined by its sequels) really captured the universe like this did. It was so much damn fun, especially co op horde mode where you and 3 friends could take your pick of the chapters armoury and do battle against endless hordes of orks. One of the few games where playing on easy mode is actually the best choice. A sequel with more enemies, more chainsword smackdowns, more everything… why do we not have it yet?

Any other games that never got the sequel they deserved?


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