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Unpopular opinion : Anthem is an all around better game than Marvel Avengers, why was/is it getting so much more flak?

Content of the article: "Unpopular opinion : Anthem is an all around better game than Marvel Avengers, why was/is it getting so much more flak?"

Basically the title, but to elaborate :

Having played both critically, i have come to the conclusion that the core gameplay in both games is pretty much identical, the story and hub plays out pretty similarly (except, you know, without the franchise and well known characters) and in many aspects, Anthem does a much better job than Marvel Avengers

With that in mind, why do you guys think that the reception to these games is so different? I know marvel is not regarded as the top tier of gaming but it is widely much better received than Anthem was.

Some comparisons :

  • Animations : marvel avengers animations and 'feel' of moving around is really a joke compared to anthem's smooth and immersive animations (walking around in town excepted, but that is horrendous in Marvel Avengers as well). Take Iron man's flight for example compared to Anthem's flight, mechanically identical if not straight up copied, the Animations feel hefty and meaningful in Anthem where in Avengers it feels super janky and 'gamey', this is repeated in many other examples as well where the characters just move around kind of floatily and there is definitely some disconnect between the player actions and the character's movement. Luckily the combat animations are a bit less disconnected but are still somewhat lacking – it is definitely much easier to understand in combat what your character is doing with their skills in Anthem.

  • Co op elements : again, pretty much the same game, though Avengers have a lot of drawbacks already, you cant join someone mid-session, the multiplayer levels are kind of weirdly minimalistic (wait a bunch of time to load into a small room with an objective that you finish in about 2 minutes, rinse repeat), you can't play your favourite build if someone else is using it, etc.

  • Graphics : Having released about 2 years later, the game looks about the same, i couldn't say one of them looks better, honestly.

  • Level design : Not giving Anthem a lot of credits here, but Avengers is a different level of Meh : the level design is pretty random and seemingly not well thought out at all, you can run into random platforms just hanging from trees because the game needs to have some boxes for you to smash and get materials from. there is not too much lore to pick up or explore in open areas and they seem to be open for no real reason. This isnt always the case but there is definitely enough to complain about here unfortunately. Boss fights were definitely more interesting and unique in Anthem.

  • Customization and character variety : honestly a bit of a wash between the two, Although the different Javelin types in Anthem felt better to switch between and customize to your liking. The cosmetic options in what is a superhero game is a far cry from a game like City of Heroes, and having preset outfits to switch between is pretty disappointing compared to other offerings in the genre (I guess they wanted to keep creative control of the characters).

  • (A)RPG Elements, itemization, skills etc. : Unlocking and picking different skills and their interactions in Anthem vs mostly unlocking more combos in Avengers, with a bit of not super meaningful passive skills. This is probably a more personal choice but i prefer the implementation of the former. The choice of having weapons and items that complement specific skills is something that i've always enjoyed playing around with and seems to keep me interested for longer – and having base weapons that you can upgrade and pick from felt better in Anthem than in Avengers, where all the different item types are pretty much just stat sticks that offer negligible returns. I didnt get that moment in ARPGs where you find this bad ass weapon and suddenly feel super powerful and mow through enemies, and that feels like a shame.

  • Story/characters : This one is definitely somewhat more engaging in the Avengers title and it might be the reason for this whole discrepancy in reception, but for this type of game I feel like it shouldnt be as big of a deal as it's meant to mostly serve as kind of a 'tutorial' before you get to the end-game, but maybe this is wrong of me to think. I don't feel like this alone makes for that much of a better game to justify the difference in reception

  • Content : Hard to say how Avengers will be supported as a GaaS, but I guess you will be tired of it's content in much the same way you grow tired of Anthem's content. I dont see any significant difference here at the moment.

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What are your thoughts?


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