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Unsolicited Iron Man VR review

Overall, I’d call this game “missable” the excessive loading screens are frequently disrupting gameplay and the game relies on dialog over black screen so often, it took me a little while to realize that the game was designed that way and that I wasn’t just having technical issues. The end result means that close to half of your time with the headset on is not only spent with nothing to do, but also nothing to see. While one or two levels are pretty, their minuscule scale and an obnoxiously intrusive HUD prevent you from truly experiencing them.

After starting you out on a beach at sunset, the game then plunges you into a nighttime map of a city-scape that seems to me to be one of the most cheaply rendered maps I have ever seen in VR. (Even Honor and Duty D-Day has some props for crying out loud. Would it have killed them to put in a car or a tree?) Combat can feel a little sloppy at times. Primary and secondary weapons are switched between based on how far you bend your wrist. This can make combat a little chaotic at times. I’m sure, eventually, you could get used to this, but the constant cuts in the action allow for very little acclimation with the combat mechanics.

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My biggest suggestion for this game would be “More Customization!!” Sure, changing the color of my suit is fun, but that HUD… I’d love to seek them release an update that allows you to turn off, shrink, rearrange, customize (anything), the HUD. I’m finding very very little of the information it presents at all relevant, let alone necessitating immediate access. On top of that, each piece of information is so large and so close to the center of my vision, that I don’t feel like I’m in VR sometimes.

On top of that, I’d love to see the ability to remap buttons and calibrate hand position. First of all, I find myself wanting to use the move buttons for my jets and the triggers for my guns. Right now, it is mapped opposite and can not be customized. That can be annoying at times. I also found that the “palms out” blaster positioning of my hand didn’t quite match Tony’s. To get the “palm forward” blaster position, I found myself holding the move controller more like a pistol which did not make it feel like I was shooting blasts out of my palms like Iron Man.

Overall, I do not find myself compelled to get back into Iron Man for more when compared to other games. I would say, at the very least, this game should have waited for PS5 to be able to cope with the loading screens.

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Good: – different suits – customizable weapon load-out

Bad: – long load times – lots of black screen dialog – frequent breaks in action – underwhelming maps – cumbersome HUD – hand tracking for flight and combat feels out of sync with character


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