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Vampire the Masquerade: Redemption – A love letter to this 20yr old unique janky ass game

I'm not even done but I just finished this chapter in the game and I'm all amped up about it and wanted to get some of this out there.

Holay shit okay, this game is epic, let me build this up for a second here (minimal spoilers ahead). So this game starts you off as a 12th century French crusader (who has zero french accent btw), you get hurt in the war, left behind to heal, and you fall in love with Anezka, the nun that tends to your wounds. Eventually you become a bad ass sword wielding vampire and as a new fledgling you build a crew and do missions as a bloodsucker in this awesome medieval setting.

So Anezka being in love with you and knowing you're a vampire gets involved to save your soul and eventually dissapears, you have to save her. This leads you to a castle where you have an epic battle to try and save her, all in the meanwhile, outside the local peasants have risen up and are trying to burn down this castle and rid the world of vampires as this is the main HQ, as your battling the whole thing collapses on all of you inside.

So here's where this shit REALLY kicks into gear.

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You wake up 800 years later in London in the year 1999! So now I'm in the modern era seeking revenge and have assembled a crew of vampire hunters to fucking hunt down the coterie of vampires that has survived and seek my revenge. I've just equipped my crew with a crossbow and the other with a shotgun, all three of us are wearing sick ass leather trench coats, and the best part is I STILL have my sword from medieval times. My guy also has a pony tail so I essentially look like fucking Highlander in modern London. Then in this mission I just did I found a chainsaw! so now I'm running around using that as a sword mowing down bloodsuckers.

All the music has changed from typical sword & board fantasy style to industrial techno music, it really sets the mood of 1999. The transition from the year 1100 to 1999 is such an awesome contrast that keeps the game really fresh midway through. Just the idea of playing through multiple eras as a long living vampire is a fantastic idea, we should see this MORE! hell we should see more vampire games in general.

The whole thing that amazes me in all this too is that this 20 year old game is completely voice acted, the medieval setting is written in this super cheesy Shakespearian dialogue, but its also charming in a way as badly as it is performed sometimes. Think of Keanu Reeves in the movie Bram Stoker's Dracula but in this game everyone is Keanu Reeves lol. Still… how many games can say they were fully voiced 20 years ago, it's a short list.

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The lore is one of the best parts of the game, most of it is spooned out to you in notes, letters, computer terminals (all fully voiced), that you pickup and read along the way, you really look forward to finding the next bit of info or lore in the world.

This game is definitely not without it's flaws, it is VERY janky, the controls, the AI, the pathing, it's excruciatingly difficult sometimes, and just a pain in the ass to play in general, it very much shows its age, but damn am I having so much fun with this game.

Maybe you will too.


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