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Vikings Wolves Of Midgard – Happy middle

Content of the article: "Vikings Wolves Of Midgard – Happy middle"

So this game caught my eye and I added it to my steam list. Turns it was actually an "extra" in a recent humble Bundle so I started playing it and have been very pleasantly surprised.

TL DR: Vikings Wolves of Midgard is an isometric arpg that balances its action and RPG elements more to my liking then some of it's more well known competitors and I definitely think it's worth playing through once if you like the genre.

This is another Diablo style isometric action rpg / dungeon crawler.

Prior to playing this – I played some Grim Dawn and Victor Vran. My problem with Grim Dawn is it's too much RPG Lots of stats and a crazy amount of loot. The melee combat is also a bit stiff for me (No rolling either). However there's plenty of blood and gore which makes killing things satisfying enough. Victor Vran is the opposite in someways. The rpg elements are too streamlined , and while i like the more fluid combat it doesn't feel great. Not much/any gore and the impact of weapons is lacking so … I dropped it…

Enter Vikings. The melee combat is fast and fluid but also feels reasonably satisfying when you kill enemies. RPG elements are very streamlined compared to Grim Dawn but less so then VV. You initially pick from 1 of 5 Norse gods. This determines the abilities you are able to unlock and which weapon class you specialize in (you're free to use others but won't have any of their abilities or bonuses), eventually you'll be able get access to the other gods. Bonuses and abilities are tied to what weapon type you have equipped and you can cycle between 2 different sets by pressing a button.

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The game also has resources in the form of gold, iron and wood – which are used to upgrade shops, craft/buy equipment and you also need to upgrade an altar that allows you to access skill trees of the other gods and max out your skill trees. You can earn resources by completing optional objectives (find x amount of y, destroy x amout of y) in the main missions and combat trials you can jump into from the hub world. You can also equip runes in your equipment for additional bonuses.

There is loot of course but not a ton and most of it doesn't seem that special. I've been fine just putting upgrades into 2 of the 5 skill trees and occasionally buying some new equipment. I'm playing on easy so I can experience more of the skill trees – (if you play on a higher difficulty, you'd probably want to focus a bit more on just one to improve your bonuses in it)

Visually – it looks pretty good and I think I'm only at like Medium settings. There's some decent music too. Not really sure what's going on in the story – it's very likely it isn't worth paying attention to. Has some cheesy voice acting. I think I've chuckled a couple times b/c of it. It features online and offline co-op. I tried offline briefly and it worked pretty well.

Vikings doesn't have great reviews on Steam, I think in large part because of the online not really working very well or maybe not at all – which obviously the game deserves criticism for… but if you're not interested in that – it's pretty easy to recommend. if you're looking for something to put 20 – 30 hours into. It probably doesn't have the longevity of other games in the genre but that doesn't bother me.

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Also available on PS4 and XB1 i believe.


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