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VRMMO Ilysia will have weapon collision like Mordhau Blade & Sorcery

Content of the article: "VRMMO Ilysia will have weapon collision like Mordhau Blade & Sorcery"

Here's a link to their kickstarter (currently 20k away from full-body tracking being added as a stretch goal, and it was 35k away earlier today.)

The game also has a gesture based magic and melee ability casting, a totally new way of doing action combat. (You hold your hands into different positions and make certain hand motions from those positions to activate spells), and bhaptics support as well.

It wont have all the same physics Blade and Sorcery does, but it does have its own weighted weapon system using velocity to avoid weapons feeling like pool noodles. It should be something similar to Blade and Sorcery and Age of Chivalry's Warmod which ran on the xbox 360, which has similar weapon collision and rebounding when two weapons strike at the same time.

The game is classless, rather you learn a class or "job" by picking up a different weapon and learning how to use different abilities for that weapon as your weapon proficiency improves, and your class is not fixed. There are also plans to have many different gathering and crafting skills, in addition to combat skills.

The developers have been listed on the PSVR marketplace and they are producing the game for PCVR, Quest and PSVR, there will be different levels of graphical fidelity for different platforms. (this is the reason for the cartoony look, the graphics can be turned up and made to look more realistic on PCVR),

Team 21 the dev studio producing the game, have already released a closed alpha with combat shown (Team21 would not have gotten an agreement with Sony to be listed on the Sony VR game marketplace as they are if Sony's investors had any concerns that Ilysia was vaporware, and Ilysia has a tight release deadline to meet as per their agreements with Sony as from what I've heard, for anyone concerned that it might turn out like Star citizen)

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