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Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate: a subpar and severely underwhelming entry even for a Warriors game

Getting around to finally building my decent rig, I got around to finally play the latest Warriors Orochi entry.

Firstly, I am a HUGE fan of Warriors series, I never get tired of this particular power-fantasy niche just mowing down hundreds of mooks with a twitch of a finger. I have played Dynasty Warriors 3 to 7 Samurai Warriors 1 and 2 and Both Warriors Orochi 1 and 2 and the Z, I had a blast. The series went under my radar for a good long time until last week.

…And it actually disappointed me.

Usually I am quite tolerant with these kinds of games, but I was visibly soured by the experience. For starters, it had a bloated roster which was good, with 100+ new and returning characters. And the Sacred Treasure mechanic helps you mix-it-up in terms of gameplay and I liked it. The Greek God pantheon's designs looked great, I loved Athena and Hades' designs. Also I liked the little bonding tidbits with different characters of different eras interacting with one another. Those are the things I liked about the game.

And now the cons:

-The story, it's all over the place. The first arc was a strong introduction, you have Zeus who wanted to gather all these heroes into his world that he had created then fight it out so that they can gather the magic bracelets scattered all over. But then before you can digest what was happening, in comes the Norse pantheon to stir shit up, then you have also the former Orochi faction trying to revive Orochi like WTF!? STOP! And they're all happening all at once.

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-The main characters in the previous entries were reduced to mere backdrop. They were there and that was it, especially with Yoshitsune and Benkei whom were reduced to Henchmen 1 and 2. They had a significant part in 2 and 3, at least Abe Seimei has a backstory explaining his defection but the two they're baddies right off the bat. Because WHY? I could understand Benkei, but Yoshitsune should be actively against the Orochi faction.

They only join you once you finally kill their big bad, like "yeah our boss's dead, and we have nowhere to go. So bygones be bygones?" That's just pathetic. All of the Orochi faction just joins you without recompense for their actions. I was up and gave up at that point.

-Lack of character development for the returning characters, namely the Orochi faction. Most particularly Da Ji, Himiko and Sun Wukong. We had some semblance of development with Da Ji during 2, where she was aimlessly wandering about after her master's death. Her meeting Himiko to have a sense of true camaraderie. But nope, she doesn't change a damn thing, she's still actively trying to revive Orochi even if it meant her being ultimately killed in the end. Here I was hoping she could have like her own faction to lead without having to lean on Orochi.

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Same with Himiko, one of the two characters I wanted to turn good without having to be smitten all over Da Ji. I remember in 2 and 3 where you have two missions involving her being talked down into defecting to the coalition and I liked that. But then all of that are out the window because she wants to be with Da Ji.

Lastly, Sun Wukong. Probably the most frustrating character in the series, whom I REALLY want to go good for once. I know in his original myths, he was mischievous and a trickster, but by all means he was NOT evil. His running gag involves him always whimpering at the sight of Sanzang. He never learns and he never becomes the hero that the stories tell him to be.

-Lack of Map variations, same maps all over again. Of course it boils down to this, while I appreciate the new maps added, I'm really not a fan of map recycling. They recycled most maps and made it even worse. Most of the supposed shortcuts of said maps are either blocked off or altered. It was a problem then, it's a problem now. Would have been nice if it used Dynasty Warriors 9's maps.

TL;DR: A real let-down, and an obvious cash-in. Slapped together then just forgot about it.

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