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Welcome Mixer peeps! We’re glad to have you! Here’s a small guide on the changes you’ll see.

I'm sorry to hear about the abrupt closing of Mixer. Losing your hard-earned community in a snap must be horrible. We're all here for you. If you guys need any help feel free to DM me or comment any questions.

I've been seeing some great support from big streamers to the mixer squad that is transitioning to twitch, but also a lot of hate. Here's my stance on the whole situation.

Twitch isn't "our home" any more than it is yours. We as a community should be showing as much support as we can for the people who are being forced to move their community. Losing your audience due to a situation out of your control can be really discouraging and upsetting.

We're happy to welcome you all here and will try to support you anyway possible! Here's a small highlights of some changes from mixer to twitch:

1) Sparks have become channel points. You can customize the icon for these and setup custom rewards that users can redeem!

2) Embers are now bits. Viewers can buy these or earn them by voluntarily watching ads.

3) There are 3 tiers of partnership on twitch. "not yet affiliated" (Aka a channel that just started), Affiliate and Partner.

4) Affiliate is earned by streaming a little bit every month, having 50 followers, and averaging 3 over the last 30 days This will unlock bits/cheering, ad revenue, subs, and emotes for your channel. You unlock more emote slots by getting more subs (2nd slot unlocks at 15 subs in a month). Getting to this phase gives twitch exclusive rights to your channel, meaning you cannot re-stream to other platforms or upload stream footage to websites until 24 hours have passed.

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5) Partner is a higher tier of Affiliate. You need to average 75 viewers throughout the last 30 and stream a decent amount. Getting the minimum needed only unlocks the capability to apply for Partnership and does not guarantee you'll be accepted. If denied, no worries! It happens to a lot of people. Keep growing and you'll get there eventually. Partner allows you cool features like a partner badge, making teams, and more. Getting here is hard so you'll end up being an affiliate for a while, just focus on rebuilding your community for now!

6) Panels are done straight from your stream page now, not from your settings dashboard. You insert the images directly from your pc, not linked from another source.

I might be forgetting more, others will probably correct me on the comments and I'll update as i learn, but that's the basics of what you need to know!

I hope you all get comfortable and enjoy your new home, we're glad to have you! Let's grow together!


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