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Welcome our new moderators! + upcoming community updates

Content of the article: "Welcome our new moderators! + upcoming community updates"

New Mods

We've got an exciting announcement to make today. Thank you for the many applications that were sent in over the past two weeks, we're always impressed by the high quality individuals that are willing to spend their free time helping us out. Without further ado, please welcome:

/u/XWindX, /u/aanzeijar, /u/FlyinBuddha, /u/GICN, /u/TypewriterKey

These 5 will be learning the ropes of how we work here over the next few weeks and, having spoken to them already, seem like a great bunch of people in line with our current philosophies here at truegaming. I'm personally looking forward to working with them.

Community Updates

Alongside the fresh new wave of faces is the accompanying motivation! Us older moderators had gotten a big stagnant and were just maintaining the status quo. With this new wave, we decided to take advantage of it and revamp our internal and external workings.

What does this mean?

We're taking a look at all of our processes, rules, and general workings and giving them another thought. We've set up an internal moderation manual that will hopefully standardise all our responses, meaning our personal biases should come into play less often. Here are some of the other upcoming overhauls we'd also like to do:

  • New community events!
  • Update the rules to be even clearer – we don't want rules where we can use the ambiguity of the wording to allow us to remove whatever we want.
  • Standardise our messaging templates
  • Establish a proper warnings system
  • Take a look at the retired "retired threads"
  • Actually get some styling for new reddit
  • Rethink how to handle academic survey requests
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We can't promise all of them, but we are going to work hard to improve this place even more. We're only able to dedicate time to these things because you are all excellent and don't cause much trouble.

So please keep reporting, and keep discussing how The Witcher is underrated!

Peace and love,
truegaming mods


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