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We’re RoKabium Games, a 2 person dev team of the recently released game “Something Ate My Alien”. A 2D puzzle, dig’em up adventure game! Ask Us Anything!

Hi r/Games

We're Rob & Kat, a gaming couple who got the crazy idea to develop our very own game some years back when circumstances in our current jobs changed. Rob has a background coding for several backend systems in some major telecom & financial companies, while Kat is a digital fantasy artist and a game graphics designer contracting several years for Arcen Games.

We started developing SAMA in 2016 with the main idea being we wanted a digging-based, fun, little puzzle game taking inspiration from classics we used to love playing, such as Boulderdash and Dig dug. We had more recently also discovered and played Spelunky, Terraria and Steamworld dig, and these games all combined some elements (action, slight crafting, puzzle elements) we wanted to combine in our game.

Need less to say that SAMA developed into a much bigger project than we first anticipated, from a "we'll have this ready in about 6 months" to almost 4 years later 🙂 It started as "we'll do one level that you dig your way through and solve puzzles along the way", to "let's have a whole story about several planets being mined and you need to get your way through them all with lots more things to find, monsters to fight, different environments to battle through and loads of puzzles to solve".

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We are currently in the Steam Game Festival where you can check out our game with a free demo, and live streams with Bumpy McSquigums every night from 7PM ET.

This is a trailer of our game:

Peek in at our Discord:

You can find our game on Steam:

We are also on the "Humble Store" and "Green Man Gaming".

Ask Us Anything related to our game development, our first title SAMA or our life as developers.

Since we are just a 2 person team, we'll both be answering your questions in this AMA, but if you have any question specifically directed to either of us just mention Rob (tech and coder) and Kat (designer and artist) in your question.

We will start answering your questions at 3 PM ET (9 PM CEST).

EDIT: Ok guys, we are here, and…. go!


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