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What a gaming run!

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I've been home more like most and thus have had extra time to game. I recently finished the following run of games and have to admit that this might be the best string of games I have ever played in my 25+ years of gaming. This is not a formal review, but just some hodgepodge thoughts from an overly tired dad.


Subnautica Nier: Automata Hellblade Spiderman


Subnautica: This has been reviewed a million and one times on here so I will keep it brief.

The game is remarkably immersive, I felt so alone in the darkness of the abyss and the struggle for survival was apprent at any moment. I found myself thinking, please don't make me go deeper quite a few times, but it was worth it. The flora and fauna was stunning to look at and the game ran incredibly well on PS4 Pro. I also like that you pretty much can earn all the trophies by completing the story. Not a grind or a "chore like" to do list. Incredible game.

Nier: Automata

This ended up being one of my favorite games on the PS4. Amazing diversity in styles of gameplay and soundtrack. This is a game for people who are patient. It has parts in it that almost seem like they are designed to make you rage quit, but if you take your time it can be really satisfying.

Initially I will admit that it starts out very intimidating with the inability to be able to save through the beginning portion of the game, but that gets resolved as you play it. One of the gripes I often see is that you have to play the 1st playthrough over again. You never truly play any portion of the game twice because the cutscenes and story line change, the game is just simply set around the same environments with each storyline and so it seems like you're doing the same thing over again. The game mechanics in the 2nd playthrough are totally different and the story is streamlined so that it doesnt take long to complete. The 3rd playthrough of the game is totally different.

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Lastly, the game also has a interesting feature that allows you to buy trophies to earn the platinum once you beat the main story line. I have never seen this feature before in a game. People will be divided on that option, but with not a lot of free time I thought it was a nice feature to avoid the super grindyness that comes with earning almost all platinum trophies these days.

Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice: To me this one was more of an experience then a game. The way the developers put you in the shoes of someone struggling with mental illness is just phenomenal. The combat was exciting and the puzzles were not too repetitive. The game lore was told in a fantastic way and kept wanting to hear more.

I can't play horror games because I dont like the whole jump scare approach, but I never got that feeling like I wanted to quit with this one which I was very surprised by.

As I get older I really tend to appreciate the games in which I can learn something practical for real life applications and this game delivered on that. The lessons learned about mental illness and the Hellblade feature film included within the game was enlightening and I am better for it.

Spider-man: I am not a marvel guy and have no interest in the marvel movies whatsoever, but I tried this game on a recommendation and I was blown away by the production quality and features that Insomniac put into this one. The traversing of the city by webs and the combat system was so much fun and left me wanting more. I also really enjoyed the voice acting and felt the game difficulty was just right at the Amazing setting.

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By far my favorite feature was how well the developers fleshed out the environment. The accuracy of NYC (I live in NY) at about a 1/4 scale size and the hidden Easter Eggs just added to my enjoyment of the game.

I'm hoping to keep this awesome run going with either Control or A Plague Tale next. Can't decide which to play.

These days I almost exclusively get my gaming recommendations from all of you. Thank you for that and happy gaming.


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