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What adventure game should I get my girlfriend to try?

Content of the article: "What adventure game should I get my girlfriend to try?"


My partner's first long adventure game was Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Prior to this she had no interest in any game that had any kind of depth to it or long-play story, and to this day I'm not even sure what made her try Zelda. She has done over 300hr. in the game and loved every minute of it. It's her all-time favourite game. She loved having an entire world to escape to.

After she completed everything in Zelda she lost motivation to play, so I suggested her to try Skyrim, as I thought it would be a logical next step because it's quite an accessible RPG that's very easy for new players to enjoy. She wasn't a fan of it at all. She just could not get invested. I think the reason why is because the world is so dark, grey, and bleak. Also, the characters often have quite harsh/aggressive personalities which she wasn't very fond of.

I've also shown her The Witcher (I) & The Witcher II: Assassins of Kings when I've been playing them. The Witcher (I) was too dated for her & The Witcher II, while she thought Geralt was cool, was 10x too dark & bleak for her to ever even fathom playing. Despite this she looked interested in The Witcher III: Wild Hunt when she saw me watching gameplay on YouTube. It seems like vibrant worlds are what she loves.

After thinking about it, I was thinking that Oblivion might be a good game to have her try, as the world is a lot more vibrant than Skyrim with a lot of vibrant NPCs & interesting quests. As well as that, the game itself is still quite accessible and friendly to new players of the genre. It also has far less heavy themes compared to The Witcher III.

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I'm also looking at the new game Windbound. It may be more of a survival game but it seems like the type of world she might enjoy more.

What are your thoughts on other adventure games/RPGs I could get her to try?

Note: I have a PC, PS4, Switch, & Xbox 360 for her to use, but her favourite console is the Switch.


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