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What are some of your favorite games with randomizers?

I watched a GDQ video of some Link to the Past randomizers and I loved them! I would have loved to have that as a base-game option as a kid, what an interesting way to breathe new life into a beloved ancient gem of a game like that. Inspired, I set out and tried out randomized Link to the Past myself.

I must have gotten quite the easy seed though. I found the hookshot, hammer, pearl and mirror extremely early, and kind of steamrolled the game from there. It was also an odd feeling because the beginning of the game was so vibrantly different, but by the time you have most of the important items, the last dungeon or two the game becomes almost identical to the base game, in that you still gotta beat the dungeons and puzzles and bosses which were all the same, so the end of the run felt a little deflated. I'll probably try it again in a year or so and hope for a harder time!

Up next on my potential games to try a randomizer with is Super Mario RPG. I just went to their website, and the amount of flags you can set for your run is awesome. Start with any character you want, or a random one. Randomize their stats, randomize their spells, randomize if and when they joing your party. Randomize the bosses, the 7 stars you're hunting for, all treasure chests and loot, shops, enemies, xp, all kinds of things. Almost every option isn't a simple binary choice either, but rather you can choose to slightly shuffle things, or really let it be chaotic. Looks like a lot of fun!

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The other game I'd really like to try is Dark Souls, but I only have an old macbook air and so PC games like that are off the table for now. Fog gates, enemies and bosses, all items, weapons, locations and stuff, looks like it would be pretty incredible for a game I dearly love and would know blindfolded.

Anyway I'm eager to hear your thoughts! What are some other games out there that you know of or have experienced that can be spiced up with a randomizer, and how were you runs with it compared to the vanilla experience?


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