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What are the effects of social deduction games like Among Us on the psyche?

Content of the article: "What are the effects of social deduction games like Among Us on the psyche?"

Hey guys,

I had a discussion with a friend yesterday about social deduction/deception games like Among Us and One Night Ultimate Werewolf (particularly Among Us because of its recent meteoric rise). He asserts that these kinds of games aren't good for a person's subconscious, saying that it will change a person to think a certain way, and essentially become a different person–one who is capable of true deceit. He also asserts that these games aren't good for relationships (friendships), saying if you can lie to this extent in a game, then how can you be trusted in day to day life? He, himself, doesn't want to play these games anymore for these reasons (he has played them a few times).

I've done a bit of searching for an answer on this, but haven't found anything conclusive.

Some things I've read:

Are social deduction games like Among Us comparable to games like Poker, where players can try to bluff?

Is it a matter of participants of the game endorsing the practice of lying? (See above source.)

Is it truly possible to separate the lying in social deduction games from real life?

Is there no definitive answer because we don't understand the brain enough?

I want to put out the fact that I lean towards the side that social deduction games aren't really bad. I'm one of those who enjoys them. But I'm really just open to thoughts–trying not to be uninformed. I've also got an interest in game design.

This might have been a jumbled mess (sorry), but please let me know your guys' thoughts. Thank you!


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