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What can I expect from Monster Hunter World?

Content of the article: "What can I expect from Monster Hunter World?"


So before buying games I like to watch gameplay videos to make up my own mind instead of relying on a reviewer (because frankly I really miss the no-nonsense, straight to the point approach of TB). However, I watched a few videos of MHW and still don't know what to expect, what is the gameplay loop, etc.

As I understand, there's a central hub where I can get missions. These missions are to kill various giant monsters, each one bigger and meaner than the last. The "levels" aren't based on a standard progression toward the boss, but rather the whole map is the monster's lair and my goal is to find a way to lure it out, is that part correct?

However there are also adds/trashmobs and together with the monster they allow me to get some loot, that I'll use to craft new pieces of equipment. But said equipment isn't really based on powercreep either, they're just different styles of combat instead of being stats sticks, is that right too?

Also, it can be played online (is the group finding interface a transparent process where the player is automatically paired with others, or is it a game where I have to post on a forum/chat to find friends?) but I read that it's fine solo as well?

If I assume the game is somewhere between Witcher3 (the contracts specifically, where you have to identify the kind of monster you're gonna fight and prepare your equipment/consumables accordingly) and Warframe (new weapons aren't necessarily better they're just different styles, also there's some grinding involved and lastly the missions are designed for an online group of players) would you say that's accurate?

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And last question, with that new (free!) expansion that is planned, Fatalis, would you say it's a good time to join the game as a newb, or would I have trouble finding like-minded players, and either the low level missions are abandonned by the playerbase OR it's only possible to find high level players who will rush through it and have specific, and toxic, expectations of what another player should do to make it as fast as possible?


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