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What do you guys think of Pulse 3D

I've always been a headset user, and primarily was always a PC gamer so never really cared about expensive headphones until windows sonic came about. One reason is I get through sets by the bucket load, which maybe because their cheap, but I think because always being wired was more of an issue.

The thing is, about 3 years ago I bought some "7.1 surround sound" Dolby atmos blah blah blah headphones from Amazon for £20, Now, no way did I think they'd be legit but, they actually sounded really good.

I thought it was time to invest in a proper pair, as it's always been the one thing I've ignored, I've got a 165hz display, a 4k one, gaming PC and series X but always ignored sound peripherals, although I do have a home cinema system, like I said, I always use a headset so I ignored it.

I struggled to decide what to buy, to be fair, the Xbox side looked more attractive, it worked seamlessly across all devices (and TBF so does the pulse, except you need the dongle on ps5 or wired for other devices, though perhaps the dongle works too but since you only get one, it's easier for lazy people like me to just leave it in) and, unlike Sony, had an EQ (which, has now been added to the Pulse!…with some issues, I'll get to later. Regardless, I won't lie and say I'm far more into my ps5 than xbox, even though I hate the plastic wars and try to be unbiased, so, I opted for the Pulse. However I was not blown away by the sound. Currently not so many games support Tempest, and I've yet to reinstall Spiderman as I've completed it, but Returnal seems to be the one game that people talk about making the most of it, and it does sound great, it does…however, I'm not hearing a great difference from my cheap, what I assumed were fake, 20 quid 7.1 Headset, but I think that's more of a testament to those than the pulse

Now, the Pros

  • They look fantastic

  • They are without a doubt, the most comfortable I've ever worn, and that's not even close. However, since I've quit smoking, i chew a lot of gum and do find they tend to start slipping.

  • They genuinely sound amazing

  • The price is acceptable (at least for me who has always bought cheapo sets) and I got them for £70 rather than the £85.

  • The mic sounds good from what I've heard

  • Sony has added an EQ

  • It's great for silencing the outside world. Noise is non existant, and you do have a monitor button to help if you want, however…that's in my con.

  • They are light

  • The battery "seems" to last a long time, but ive always put on charge when I'm done, though I'm yet to run out on a long session.

  • They charge fast

  • They turn on fast, with the dongle in it's as simple as pressing the on button and it's about 1 second before noise.

Now for the Cons

  • I'm not sure about the EQ, I was listening to Radiohead remastered tracks and there was a lot of popping. This concerned me as my EQ was set quite light, (assuming a +6 / -6 configuration I had the base 100hz at +3, 400 +2, middle 1khz untouched at 0, treble 4khz at +2 and 10khz at +3, so as you can see, it was barely half way on the two ends) now this could just be the fact they're older songs but I didn't want to risk blowing them out so turned it off.

  • They aren't ridiculously loud, at their loudest it's enough but i would like a little more

  • The monitor button seems pointless. It does work but it's so negligible that it's pointless, it might help if you've got no sound on or at the very lowest but outside noise just barely gets through. Not an issue for me but for those who have people who call them or lots of phone calls it might be.

  • The controls, in my opinion are placed awful. They're all on the same ear, the mic is next to the monitor button, the top one is the chat to game sound (which would be far better placed with it being the volume button) and the volume is in the middle of the lot. They are all close together and probably the worst aspect.

  • They are constructed very well, however, they're light and I do think they might not be able to take a beating. I've been very careful putting them down rather than throwing them on my bed or something. So if you're clumsy or have kids they may get damaged easily, but this is no fault of the headset.

Now, I love them, and I would recommend them, and they sound great. However, I was slightly disappointed with Tempest and was expecting more, and there's not a lot of games supported at the moment, if you're fully invested in the PlayStation platform then they're a great purchase, if however you have many platforms I do wonder if the xbox, or third party ones would be a better choice but the pulse is still a great headset that I am overall happy with, just feel more could be done on the 3D audio side.

That's my take at least, what's yours and what platforms do you have? Anyone with the xbox ones as well as Pulse? Which do you prefer?


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