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What happened to Ubisoft?

Disclaimer! Just some personal thoughts and opinions on Ubisoft and the way they manage their licenses. I love a lot of their games and universe but I personally don't enjoy the direction they are taking for most of them.

-Prince of Persia: The last good game was The Two Thrones (2005).

-all the Tom Clancy's license: .Ghost Recon: Wildland was truly amazing, with a beautiful and breathing world full of civilians. Breakpoint is ok now after years of improvement (but not even close to Wildland) .Splinter Cell: the last good splinter cell was Chaos Theory (I didn't really enjoy Blacklist). .The Division: I don't like the division 1-2 at all, I found them generic af ( it's probably just my taste though)

-Might and Magic license: Wtf happened there? . They had Heroes of Might and Magic, the 3 was one of the greatest strategy game of his generation, and then they decided to simplify more and more every game until they destroyed the license. .With Might and Magic and Ubi open world, they could develop an amazing RPG, but they do nothing at all.

-Assassin's Creed: they milk it and when one opus is acclaimed by the critics, they directly make a copy paste of it with an other setting.

-Far Cry: since Far Cry 3, only the setting change ( I liked far cry 5 though, was brainless and fun)

-Watch Dogs: (didn't play much of these one)apparently the third one has interesting concept with the possibility to recruit anyone, but is a missed opportunity.

-Rayman: i like Rayman legends, but it was in 2015 I don't really know of the spin off with raving rabbids, apparently they aren't too bad.

-Beyond Good and Evil: one of my favorite game, just waiting to see more of the second opus in development (but not too hopeful about it sadly)

With recent Ubisoft games I feel like they dont know how to tell stories (none of them are engaging or even with good characters), even if they did some improvement on Assassin's Creed Odyssey (imo) and some fulgurance on Far Cry games ( not often ). Not even one of their license has a narrative experience close to something like uncharted, red dead redemption, horizon zero dawn or the last of us.

I love their open world, with wildlife doing it's things and random stuff happening all over the place, but it's filled with repetitive, bland and mostly boring content (Breakpoint, Division, Assassin's Creed). People don't enjoy doing the same things over and over again.

Instead of just giving up on license they failed to give justice (Prince of Persia, Might and Magic) why don't they sell them? I'm sure some devs or other companies could do some amazing games with those.

Lately they are just running after other successful titles (battle royal, looter shooter, game as service) without even trying to create something unique to attract player. I don't understand that mindset (to be fair, they tried to give their own spin on BR with Hyperscape, but fast fps aren't popular these days, it's still a BR, and Apex did things way better) If you create a soulless clone of something that people already like and play a lot, it's bound to fail. Especially if you do it with a beloved franchise (looking at you ghost recon frontlines), you won't attract new players, they are already on the game you copied, and you will alienate the fan base as well.

Tl;dr Ubisoft has golden licenses but I don't understand how they manage them. Maybe I'm too stupid or too naive, they surely know better than me how to earn a lot of money with it. But imo they don't know how to inovate anymore.


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