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What have been your top 3 games of this PSVR sale, and why? Here are mine:

Content of the article: "What have been your top 3 games of this PSVR sale, and why? Here are mine:"

  1. Everybody’s Golf. Very fun golfing simulator that has accurate hit detection, wind carry, and takes some getting use to for a perfect swing! Fun to just pick up and play quick 3-hole games, or to try and beat your high score(technically low score) on 9-hole and 18-hole courses. Has a very simple leveling system with some unlockable clubs and caddies. Relaxing experience and perfect for anyone into golf/sports games.

  2. Sairento VR. I thought this game, looking at reviews and gameplay, was going to be tough as nails, getting use to all the movements you can do in the air, from double jumps all the way up to quadruple jumps, wall running, wall jumping, sliding etc. But to my dismay, it was extremely easy to get use to the controls, doing jump after jump, spinning around and shooting all while never touching the ground. It is absolutely enthralling. Plus, they have a detailed leveling system with upgrades and equipable relics to your character, and your weapons. From increasing how much slowdown time you have, to giving your weapons 15% more damage or ammo. Tons of story missions and infinite replayability with other missions that are styled like Payday 2, where they’ll come and go and you have to pick from random maps with random mutators. Very excellent.

  3. Hotel R&R. Now you may be thinking, “How can a $20 game(~$13 sale price), with simple graphics and simple gameplay be so fun, and be better than Sairento?” Well I’ll tell you: This game, albeit simple in every aspect, had me hooked from the get-go. In this game, you make a deal with the devil, and have to wreak havoc and spread the word of the devil in order to pay your debt. You go from hotel to hotel smashing everything and earning money, with them getting bigger and bigger with more expensive things to break, all while also unlocking more items to buy and use in the hotels for more chaos, such as guns, explosives and even drugs to enhance your physical capabilities or slow time around you. I’ve definitely put the most hours into this game by far, and will keep playing until all those infamy points are gained, challenges are unlocked and all those trophies are popped! Just so satisfying to break literally everything in slight, including walls. On a side note, when you unlock more hotels, your “hub” gets more detailed with more items in it, including instruments like drums to play, which I thought was a nice detail. Pretty polished for a low price. Black hole is OP. Sadly, no platinum

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