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What is/isn’t Gaming4Gamers?

Now that this sub is nearing 60k users fast. I feel the need to write this post.

Why this sub exists.

Gaming4Gamers was created out of frustration and pure spite. I have made this clear on many occasions, and I bring it up to establish the circumstances on which ultimately created this subreddit to better understand what we aim for.

Gaming is the biggest subreddit on the block and before I made this subreddit, was my go to. Posts ranged in quality and circlejerk opinions prevailed. For more quality content, the subreddits games and truegaming also existed, but carried with them the opposite problem. They posted quality content and discussion, but I felt their requirements were too high. To me there was no middle ground. I first tried sending the mods of Gaming suggestions they could implement. These were dismissed and not even entertained.

I was so certain at the time such a system could be implemented and enforced more effectively I decided after seeing one too many circlejerk posts and what i saw as a lack of mod enforcement to go about doing it myself. I clicked the create a subreddit and Chose Gaming4Gamers as sort of the one name that wasn't taken. It's grown on me since then.

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The middle ground that we were looking for was made and we've been at it almost five years now in a few days.

What isn't allowed on this subreddit?

  • LOOK AT WHAT I FOUND IN MY ATTIC! (picture of an NES)

  • Spicey meme.png



  • Screenshot of a game

  • Screenshot of a game without the title of the game mentioned.

  • DRAMA – Dunkey's girlfriend's cousin is dating the creator of dig doug's brother in law twice removed! Look our exclusive twitter sceenshots!

  • Part 638 of my PUBG letsplay where I breathe heavy in my $3 headset mic.

  • Unchallenged circlejerk


  • Call of Duty's lack of Gun control is problematic (an opinion piece by a high brow journalist who never picked up a controller in their life)


Hopefully this paints a good picture of what we consider low quality.

So what is allowed on this subreddit?

Who is Throwaway_4_opinions? Is this just his gaming subreddit?

Yes that's me writing this. I created this at first as a way to fill that gap I was talking about. I added mods to help me out from the early beginnings, and have made it clear this is the work of a group. However despite this, it sort of kept going back to my decision making and my influences. I wanted when first making this create a sub, let it grow, and let someone else take over. Over time however it just sort of kept coming back to me.

When I'm not modding here, I'm modding elsewhere on reddit. When I'm not modding I am currently at the time of this writing taking care of my Mom whose been fighting a long battle with cancer. This is why updates are sporadic.

A lot of people here seem to see me as part of the subreddit itself. I guess I can see why, as I get very vocal about certain things more than most mods typically do. I try not to make it my personal gaming sub, otherwise it would just be a live stream of me playing quake 3 CPMA (very badly). So Yeah it kinda is my sub, but I really don't want it to be if that makes any sense.

Whats with all the bans and removals?

Gaming4Gamers kinda works under a tight quality control system. We actively check for all spam and any content we deem low quality. The results speak for themselves.

Feel free to ask more questions!


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