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What is twitch like as a community?

I'm a mixer streamer currently setting up a profile on twitch for the inevitable death of mixer, but I had a few questions about be what the actual twitch community was like before going any further.

I see drama videos about people on your site constantly saying the management is terrible and some streamers are banned for accidents while others have invincible status. Is twitch actually like this or are these moments far and between generally good times?

Does the customer service actually work? And are technical or account issues dealt with? I got used to same day replies so if it changes that cool, just would rather have a heads up so I Know not to hold my breath.

A female streamer I am friends with is worried about switching over to twitch because all she ever heard and sees about female streamers on the platform are the simp memes, lewdness, and all that ilk. What's the twitch experience like for a female streamer?

What is the twitch experience like as a streamer and viewer?

in your experience being part of the twitch community will mixer streamers coming over be seen as the other and not taken seriously or just dogged?

Lastly, can producing non-gaming content on twitch actually be fruitful? My friends and I do more web show and podcast based content similar to shows like David pakman (minus the politics and more humor) and when looking at twitch we see a dominance of video game and just chatting streams. So is the kind of content we make more suited to a platform like YouTube, caffeine, or FB? or (and if vet streamers could answer this that'd be great) is the most fruitfil method to content creation and Streaming building an audience on another platform and then moving over to our own sites to host our shows based on fans and ads sold on our own? (Yes this seems like alot, but the thinking is long term not short term)

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