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What single player games did you enjoy so much that you decided to get really good at them? (Furi Appreciation Post)

I'm really interested in those games that get the player so invested they want to master the mechanics and learn how to play the game really well despite them not being multiplayer games.

Most online competitive games e.g. Call of Duty, World of Warcraft, Rocket League are based around being better at other players at doing something- whether it be shooting, communicating effectively with a team or spending money e.g. Hearthstone. By getting good at the game you'll have a higher chance at winning matches, or achieving whatever victory condition the game has, and this naturally encourages the player to get better.

The reasons for why this motivates the player to get better are fairly straight forward. I want to know about single player games that you found so enjoyable to play- that you ended up getting very good at them. Whether this was due to a complex battle system that's fun to execute well e.g. DMC 5, mastering a really fun movement system for speedruns or just because it's enjoyable e.g. Mario 64 or just a very focussed experience with great music that you want to hear again and again e.g. Furi (the game I will now rave about.)


Furi is a boss rush game released in 2016 by French developers The Game Bakers with all the character designs done by Takashi Okazaki- creator of Afro Samurai. You play as a prisoner escaping from a jail guarded by the bosses you'll fight in the game. You fight with a light sword and an energy pistol. It's kind of hard to explain the gameplay without just seeing it but basically each fight plays out like a duel- with the bosses using a variety of melee attacks that can be parried and projectiles that can be dodged through or deflected. The bosses all have unique mechanics that reflect their character and test different aspects of the combat system. Some focus more on parrying and some are more like a bullet hell game that test your reflexes and dodging.

The game really rewards you for interacting with it's systems and studying the bosses. For example, some attacks can be interrupted or some have long cooldowns where you can charge your attack to do more damage and close distances quickly. Other attacks require you to keep at a a distance and pressure the enemy with pistol shots. However, not much of this is ever explained or directly pointed out (almost to a fault, I didn't know you could charge your boost to go further until my second playthrough!) by the game- they just give you a tool set and it's up to the player to use it effectively.

While there are some exceptions- the game is very good at conveying what type of attack is coming through a variety of different visual and audio cues. It does take some time to pick up the language of these cues e.g. the noise and white flash made before you parry but it's mostly intuitive and is learnt quickly. By having good conveyance the game enhances that feeling that you're analysing your opponents and working out the most effective way to defeat them. This all feeds into the overarching story of the game which is hard to explain without spoiling but after you finish it once future playthroughs make a bit more sense.

Accompanying all of this well designed combat is one of my favourite game soundtracks, all the boss themes and interstitial walking themes are just perfect. I particularly like the stuff from Danger, Carpenter Brut and The Toxic Avenger with favourite tracks being 6:24. You're Mine and Make This Right. A major reason I replay this game so often is just being able to hear these tracks while playing what they were composed for.

At this point I have the platinum trophy in Furi, S- ranked story mode on normal and hard- S- ranked all bosses indiviudally in the main game and DLC and have done a few speedruns. I never did any of those things just to do them though- I just wanted to play more Furi. I may have played through the whole game about 20-25 times at this point and I come back to it almost every other month or so. All of my enjoyment from playing this game again and again stems from it just being so satisfying to play. The only other games that have really hit that feeling of a game giving you a set of systems and then saying enjoy are FromSoft games, especially Bloodborne and the modern Hitman games.

Please let me know the games that you've played where you've had a similar desire to get really good at them despite there not being a multiplayer aspect- cheers!


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