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What we can do as gamers about bad player support in AAA games

Yesterday I made a post that was removed by the mods (for good reasons, not arguing this) about my resignation. I'm not here to retread the points I made there and I want to avoid politicizing this thread.

What I want to discuss now is what we can actually do to shine a brighter light on the support problem across the whole of AAA gaming.

One thing I noticed yesterday was the number of former call center and other direct support industry workers who responded. First, thank you to you all!

That got me thinking about how you reach a large corporate entity that doesn't see employees as humans but as part of black box systems. The answer is numbers.

Anyone who has ever worked in a support role can tell you that no matter how much priority is put on the cases themselves, there are metrics that need to be hit in order to establish that you as a department need to exist. The art is in calibrating this where both the players and employees feel adequately served. The external side of this is called a service-level agreement.

What I'm getting at is that in any game support company, the instinct from many players is to open multiple cases. The problem there is that as the old cases close, they get to look like successes from a metric perspective. The more effective option is to:

  1. Open your case in good faith, describe the issue in as much detail as you can, and hope that you get someone who's totally ready to just help and provide service
  2. Wait for a response. If you get someone who clearly wants to help you with the issue, work with them and do the thing. Hopefully get some gaming in!
  3. If however, you get a bunch of nonsense that does literally nothing helpful when you try it, or the same information you were already provided, or anything else that implies no attention was paid, let the case close (how long to wait depends on the company)
  4. When the case closes, leave a detailed survey about what in the response made it useless
  5. Reopen your existing case to request further assistance
  6. Repeat as needed
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The benefit to this method is that the individual case falls further and further out of the service level agreement rather than looking like multiple solved cases.

I'd love to hear any other suggestions for how we can tackle this. I hope you're all having a great day!

Mr. Wednesday


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